What is Product Talk?

Product talk is the Australian blogosphere’s newest initiative by Nuffnang. It gives you the option to choose the products that you would like to work with and review on your blog and to also start building relationships with brands!

How can I get involved?

When a new Product Talk item comes through to us we will send an eDM to all our subscribers as well as promote it on our Twitter and Facebook page. Read through the opportunity carefully. If you are happy to review the product then follow the instructions outlined for that particular campaign. There will only be a limited number of products available so we will contact you once you have expressed your interest to confirm your participation. Please note, to take part in Product talk you must be part of the Nuffnang community and have a Nuffnang ad unit on your blog. You can register with Nuffnang here and retrieve the ad unit code here.

Will I be paid for my review?

For greater transparency, Nuffnang requires that your post includes the text ”Product Talk by Nuffnang” and is linked back to this page. As this is not a paid sponsored post, this shows your readers that this post was made through Nuffnang’s Product Talk and that you have received an item in exchange for a review.

Code of Ethics

1. All communication between bloggers and brand representatives should be conducted in a courteous and professional manner
2. Reviews should be unbiased and fair. If you decide to shed a negative light on the product you are reviewing you should always give a reason as to why.
3. Regardless of your relationship or history with a brand, foul language or language that could get you into any legal troubles is not necessary and there is no reason to use it. Speak your mind and be yourself but please maintain a degree of professionalism.