June marks the 6-month milestone of being officially half way through 2016. Where has the time gone?

Being this close to 2017 has made us stop and take a minute to look back on the past six months and remember all those new years resolutions that we forgot about come March and didn’t quite get around to fulfilling.

Here at Nuffnang we believe that you don’t have to wait until new years to make a change in your life for the better and we’re giving our resolutions another shot. We invite you to knock some off of your list before the end of the year too, so you can start 2017 as a new chapter with a fresh list of goals and never stop improving. Even though we already think you’re pretty great!

Get Fit

Whether it be running a marathon or losing 10 kilos, getting fit is one of the most popular new years resolutions for a reason. Being in good physical shape is crucial for your own happiness and wellbeing and you should never stop trying to be the best, happiest version of yourself.

Getting in shape may seem like a daunting task that is hard to achieve but if you need motivation Nuffnang can help! Check out some of our health blogs such as “Move Fuel Love” and “The Whole Daily” for fitness regimes, healthy recipes and tips to help you achieve your goals and get on your feet!


Picture from:  Move Fuel Love

Save money

Money makes the world go round and we know just as well as anybody the struggle to save money these days- opportunities surround us daily to spend money on stuff that we don’t necessarily need.

We’re no strangers to the era of online shopping. In a time where e-commerce is skyrocketing and online spending is worth an estimated $1,471 billion dollars worldwide it can seem a struggle to save.

Saving money comes down to making ongoing choices and finding cheaper alternatives to your everyday spending. Throw in a little bit of prioritising and avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry as impulse grocery shopping can have a negative effect on your wallet and lead to unhealthy eating throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.19.49 am

Picture from: Bargain Mums

 Reduce Stress

Everybody knows what it’s like to have a bit of stress, it’s just a common element of life sometimes but having excess levels of stress can impact your overall happiness and quality of life.

To reduce the amount of stress that is present in your life try getting more sleep each night so you can take on the day with energy and positivity. Possibly look in to picking up new hobbies that can help you relax such as yoga or Pilates.

Most importantly, the best way to reduce stress is to spend some good old fashioned quality time with the people that you love the most. Try to set some time aside for yourself to catch up with your family regularly and watch as the stress packs up its bags and leaves your life.


Picture from:  Recycled Interiors

What are some of your new years resolutions that need a second chance? Let us know in the comments below!

Words: Alice Veal

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

Sometimes we can all forget to take some time for ourselves and do something special.

Whether it’s a first date, an anniversary, a special occasion or a spontaneous night out; Nuffnang has you covered with these top 5 date ideas in Melbourne

 1. An indoor picnic


Yes, Melbourne is a city with bundles of top-tier restaurants and eateries for a fun and romantic night out. But for those cold Friday nights after a long week where all you want to do is stay home and watch Friends reruns, the thought of getting dressed up just to search for parking for 25 minutes and sit in a noisy restaurant is just not going to cut it…

Setting up some pillows in your living room and whipping out the cheese board with some wine could be the answer to all of your woes. The cherry on top of this date night is the relaxed dress code, name one restaurant where it’s acceptable to wear your pyjamas and slippers wrapped up in a blanket?

Check out Chyka’s post for some inspiration to bring your indoor picnic to life, here.


 2. A night at the theatre


(PHOTO FROM: My Poppet)

Nothing beats a night out singing and dancing except sitting in an audience and watching other people singing and dancing instead!

This type of night out also comes with the bonus of not losing your voice the next day from screaming, “this is my favourite song!!” every time the DJ plays a throwback Shakira or Fergie song.

Luckily enough Melbourne has a rich theatre scene with a regular rotation of world-renowned shows playing across it’s many theatres, so you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

If you’re a lover of catchy tunes paired with mind-blowing tap dancing, and an all-round amazing performance then we would recommend going and seeing Singin’ in the Rain, an adaptation of the famous movie which is currently playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

To read My Poppet’s review of the show, click here.


 3. A weekend away


(PHOTO FROM: Melbourne Girl)

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the big city can get a bit too much and instead of heading to a movie or to the theatre, you need to escape the city all together.

Nothing says ‘getaway’ more than camping, but nowadays who wants to go camping when it’s all about the ‘glamping’?

Melbourne Girl uncovered a hidden treasure; a little something called Cosy Tents that we knew we had to share with you. Cosy Tents provide a fully decked out campsite with private tents containing fully-fledged beds (say goodbye to having to blow your bed up with air for a good night of rest) available to hire out for the weekend.

Check out Melbourne Girl’s blog “Happy Little Glampers at Cosy Tents” to read about the whole experience. We warn you though, once you see what we’re talking about you’ll be packing up the car and heading to the countryside faster than you can say s’mores.


 4. Pizza night

(PHOTO FROM: The World Loves Melbourne)

Who doesn’t love pizza? There’s a reason that it’s amongst the most eaten fast food in the world and mostly because, no matter what side of the great “pineapple does not belong on pizza” debate you are on, it is 100% delicious any way you slice it.

So when we got wind from Bloggerati influencer The World Loves Melbourne that Melbourne’s popular pizza restaurant A25 has recently opened a new restaurant in the heart of the CBD we knew that it would always hold a place on this list. Take some time on a Saturday night to wander in to the city and grab a table at A25, as soon as you get a mouthful you’ll know what all the fuss is about.

 5. Baking Night

PHOTO CREDIT (Bake Play Smile)

If it’s food you want then it is food you will get, after all what do Nuffnang’s foodie bloggers know better than delicious recipes for a romantic night in.

Bake Play Smile has a knack for delicious desserts that are fun to make and even more delicious to eat. We recommend the bite-sized brownies with Oreo frosting (yum). You can find the recipe here. No need to thank us when you try them! It’s what we’re here for.

Got any other ideas for great date nights around Melbourne? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below!

Words by: Alice Veal


Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

If you’ve been outside lately you would have noticed that autumn is swiftly leaving us and the cold months are rolling in. It’s time to break out your woolies, knits and scarves because winter is well on its way and Nuffnang is bringing you a list of some of Melbourne’s favourite cafes, both new and old thanks to top tips from our influencers!

First up, The World Loves Melbourne claims to have found the best brunch in the Eastern suburbs! Fooddrinkery is a quaint little café with food that we hear packs a punch. The World Loves Melbourne recommends trying out their salmon rosti, for all the delicious details you can read all about it here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.22.34 pm
Image Credit: The World Loves Melbourne

Now back to an old favourite, and if it’s coffee you’re after then it’s worth mentioning one of Melbourne’s most loved establishments, St Ali. The World Loves Melbourne rated the coffee here a solid a 9.5/10 in a blog post a few years back, and that standard most definitely still remains. This fun and hip café brings a perfect ambience with Middle Eastern twists and is sure to provide you with a memorable dining experience.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.38.21 pm
Image Credit: The World Loves Melbourne

We go slightly off the beaten track with Melbourne Girl and head to Meatworks in South Melbourne. Melbourne Girl describes this place as a “little piece of carnivorous heaven” so for the vegetarians amongst us, this one might not be for you…

  Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.23.49 pm
Image credit: Melbourne Girl 

If Meatworks isn’t quite your thing, look no further but the much loved South Melbourne haunt, The Kettle Black. If it’s coffee good enough to get out of bed for and a bite to eat that you’re seeking, this is the place for you. Melbourne Girl has been raving about this little gem for years and if there’s anybody you should trust when it comes to the best of the best café’s in Melbourne, it’s her!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.39.21 pm
Image credit: Melbourne Girl 

Just incase you’re looking for another place to pencil into your busy brunch schedule, we take Love Swah’s advice on Richmond’s Top Paddock. If it’s good enough to get Love Swah’s tick of approval all the way from Sydney then it’s good enough for us! Top Paddock is well known for its unique atmosphere that encompasses everything Melbourne coffee culture stands for; great coffee (of course) and an irresistible brunch menu

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.42.11 pm
Image credit: Broadsheet Melbourne

So there you have it – Brunch destinations to keep you busy for weekends to come.

Comment below and tell us some of your favourite spots to indulge around Melbourne!

Words by: Alice Veal & Adriana Barro

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You the musical is now showing at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre. The worldwide smash hit, set in the futuristic year of 2350, is the tale of a group of die-hard music aficionados rebelling against the ban of live music on Earth.


Accompanied by jaw dropping costumes and the musical stylings of some of legendary British rock band Queen’s most celebrated hits; this edgy, stimulating production will be sure to get you up and dancing around.. or at the very least belting out the lyrics to some of the rock worlds best oldies but goodies.

This show is much more than just a captivating plot set to upbeat musical classics for all of you dedicated Queen fans out there. The cast is comprised of a number of notable Aussie stage performers including star, Gareth Keegan who recently performed alongside Hugh Jackman in the National Arena Tour of Hugh Jackman Broadway to Oz. Other familiar names include the likes of Casey Donovan (The Sapphires) and Erin Clare (Phantom of the Opera).


We sent along some of our bloggers to the musical’s opening night where they walked the red carpet before the show. Casey Burgess, a guest of Nuffnang even made it to the Daily Mail looking gorgeous and glam on the red carpet.

To check out a few of the reviews of We Will Rock You from Nuffnang Bloggerati and community bloggers, see below !

The World Loves Melbourne

Amber Renae 

Peachy Keen Mumma

Fashionista In Suburbia


With over 3600 standing ovations in the UK alone this is a night out that you won’t want to miss!

But if you’re not in Sydney don’t stress, We Will Rock You will be touring Australia and playing shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.


Dates and information on the production can be found here

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

We all know how easy it is to slip into the trap of distraction, and lose productivity..especially when there’s something important to get done.

Whether you work from home, have deadlines creeping up or just need to buckle down and organise your life, here are our top seven tips for keeping up your productivity with a little help from some of our Bloggerati influencers.

1. Wake up early

Waking up early is linked to mental health, success, happiness and an overall increase in positive thinking throughout the day. According to a study conducted in 2008 by biologist Christoph Randler; people who wake up early tend to be more proactive and better decision makers than those who sleep late. Waking up early will also give you time to mentally set out your goals and what you want to achieve for the day.

So it’s true what they say; the early bird does get the worm. Rising early also leaves time in the morning for our next point…

2. Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast has been known to increase daily cognitive function and help you to stay focused for longer. Eating breakfast will provide you with the energy you need to get through your daily tasks with ease and lead you to a happier life. Don’t skip the most important meal of the day, nothing gets in your way on the road to success more than a grumbling stomach!

Jump over to and check out some breakfast recipes for days when a bowl of cereal just won’t cut it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.56.47 amPhoto credit:

3. Make a to-do list

The Life Creative touches on the usefulness of setting out daily tasks and weekly to-do lists in his post “the truth about working from home ”. Setting out a to-do list will help you keep track of all the tasks you need to get done for the day and crossing them off sure does make you feel accomplished! Some say effort breeds success, here at Nuffnang we say organisation is the key to success.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.58.59 amPhoto credit:

4. Exercise

We all know that physical activity releases endorphins and ultimately puts us in a good mood. Getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day will help boost your mood and clear your head so you can approach your daily tasks from a different perspective. Whether you exercise in the morning as a jump-start to your day or in the evening to decompress after a stressful day, give it a go and you’ll notice the difference, we promise.

If you’re looking for something new to try, head over to KX Studios for a Yoga session. Check out Melbourne Girl’s post “KX Yoga Challenge” to read about her experience.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.00.57 pm
hoto credit:

5. Break up your day

We’ve all been there, you’ve stared at something for too long and it’s starting to turn in to gibberish. Taking short breaks throughout the day can help increase your energy and stamina, if your brain starts to snooze go get a cup of tea and refocus. Why not use this time as an excuse for food, go for a wander and check out some café’s, get a coffee or two… or three. Sitting in one spot doing one thing for too long is enough to drain anybody.

6. Stay Hydrated

Bloggerati influencer Amber Renae suggests staying hydrated throughout the day to achieve maximum brain capacity in her blog post “My top 3 hacks for working from home” and we agree. Even minor dehydration can influence the quality of your mood and cognitive functionality. As little as 3% dehydration can slow your reaction time to the same extent as having a 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content. Want to stay sharp and alert? It’s simple, drink water.

7. Schedule

Much like setting out a to-do list scheduling your time will help you stay on top of tasks and ensure that you get the most out of your day. Start by allotting yourself a certain chunk of time for each task you want to get done and set aside distractions (here’s looking at you Facebook). Life Love and Hiccups gives some pointers on scheduling and other ways to keep you on track and organised in her post titled “Organise Your Life”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.03.11 pm
hoto credit:

We hope these simple tips help keep your productivity levels in check !

Words by: Alice Veal

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

With Mother’s Day, one of the most important days of the year now less than a week away, we here at Nuffnang AU have collated the best articles from our Bloggerati to help you spoil mum!

Our Local Guide to Mother’s Day rounds up the best of the best from our talent influencers. From treats to decorations and easy craft ideas, the Local Guide has you covered for Sunday May 8.

Below we have chosen some of our favourite ideas from the Bloggerati to ensure mum is feeling the love:

1. Melbourne Girl’s Online Gift Guide

Melbourne Girl has done the hard work for you, putting together a guide to ensure buying a gift for mum is as easy and fun as possible. Shop straight from your couch and scroll through Melbourne Girl’s picks for every mum.


2.  My Poppet’s Best Mother’s Day High Tea in Melbourne

Cintia from My Poppet features a delectable array of the best High Teas in Melbourne for Mother’s Day.

From Melbourne institutions like the Windsor and Langham Hotels to High Teas with a twist at Market Lane Bar and the National Gallery of Victoria, Cintia has featured something for every mum – even the ones who would prefer a cocktail over a cup of tea!


3. Be a Fun Mum’s Mother’s Day Pansies in a Mug

Kelly from Be a Fun Mum has the perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day, with her crafty and colourful Mother’s Day Pansies. Get the kids involved to create a living gift that Mum can eat too – did you know pansies were edible?


For instructions on how to create Kelly’s pansies, where to find Cintia’s high tea hotspots and where to get the perfect online gift for mum according to Melbourne Girl, head to our Local Guide to Mother’s Day today!

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team



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