After a week of moody Melbourne weather, the skies finally cleared last weekend, just in time for the Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Blogger Brunch!

Dairy Farmers Photo by Alana LowesPhoto Credit: Alana Lowes

In celebration of the launch of the new Thick & Creamy gourmet range, a group of very excited bloggers converged on the picturesque Collingwood Children’s Farm for a morning full of animal encounters, feasting and of course, yoghurt tasting.

thickandcreamy1 (2)Photo Credit (juice): Mel Hot or Not

After being treated to juice, coffee and yoghurt on arrival, bloggers had their chance to embrace the true farm experience, milking Biddy the Cow and getting to know the local feathered, furry and woolen residents.

DFTC-Mel Hot or Not-milkingPhoto Credit: Mel Hot or Not

 Then it was just a hop, skip and a jump through the farm and down to the stables for a gorgeous morning feast featuring a menu inspired by the eight tasty new Thick & Creamy flavours. Bloggers indulged in yoghurt smoothies, DIY bircher muesli, croissants, cheesecakes and mini bacon and egg buns.

thickandcreaymy2Photo Credit: My Poppet, Ms I-Hua, Trish Hunter, Off the Spork

And just in case anyone was wanting for more yoghurt recipe inspiration, our host for the morning, former Masterchef contestant, Alana Lowes treated the group to a cooking demonstration, whipping up the delicious Farmhouse Layered Cheesecake.

NN-Esme-smoothiesPhoto Credit: Esme and the Laneway

Sincere thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who came along, Collingwood Children’s Farm for the ideal setting, Alana Lowes for hosting, and last but not least, the team at Bright Young Things for all their work.


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Do you live in Queensland? Do you have friends or family living there?

Throughout 2013, the Queensland Government will be developing the Queensland Plan, a shared, 30-year vision for the state. Best of all, they want your views to help shape it. They want to know, how can Queensland ensure it remains a great place for future generations to come?


Queenslanders from all walks of life have been invited to put their heads together and contribute to the online survey on the Queensland Government’s website.

We have already enlisted the voices of six Nuffnang bloggers to share their personal visions for Queensland’s future. Now, we want your voice.

To help get the word out, six bloggers address different areas of the plan, including education, natural resources, and health. The bloggers will collate their reader comments to fill in the online survey on behalf of their community – that’s you guys!

Read these bloggers’ takes on the Queensland Plan, and have your say:

Are you an asker? asks B from the blog BBeingCool. Our bloggers have certainly been busy asking plenty of questions:

How can we promote the importance of healthy lifestyles to younger generations?

What’s the value of bringing nature into the classroom?

What sort of skills should we be inspiring in our children through our systems of education?

How can we work towards sustainable landscapes and protecting the past?

What does an active lifestyle mean to you?

Check out their fantastic blog posts and leave your two cents worth in their respective blogs’ comments section. You’ll not only be able to discuss these issues with your fellow QLDers, but you’ll be directly contributing to the plan.

Not in Queensland? Share their posts across Facebook and Twitter – spread the word about this great initiative.

This is your chance to read through some great content and have your say. Your voice could make all the difference. So let them know, what sort of Queensland do you want?

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 Congratulations Vicki Connerty on this winning photo! Try and keep both feet on the ground in Thailand!

Please contact within 72 hours to claim your prize.


Imagine it: warm sunshine, crystal blue water lapping at the white sand, a soft breeze, the perfect backdrop for lazy days of R&R. Unfortunately, with winter just around the corner that picture won’t be a reality for some long months yet (and Queenslanders, before you say anything, we get it. You have it great and we’re all jealous!)

Don’t give into the Winter doom and gloom just yet though! Thanks to the positive, guilt free and feel good nature of Kraft Livefree cheese you and a friend could be off to Thailand!

Kraft Livefree is Australia’s lowest fat tasty cheese. Made with only natural ingredients, Livefree products have 4 times less fat when compared to light tasty cheeses from Australia’s other leading light tasty cheese brands.

Win return flights from an Australian capital city for two to Phuket along with 7 nights twin share at the 4.5 star Best Western Premier in picturesque Khao Lak.

All you have to do for your chance to win this amazing ‘Livefree’ experience is:

1. Snap a photo of how you live free 

2. Upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #KraftLivefree

That’s it!

We’re after the most creative photos, so get snapping!

For some inspiration, why not check out these posts from some of our Nuffnang bloggers?

Katrina from the Block
Super Kawaii Mama
Planning with Kids
Karen Cheng
One Crafty Mumma!

Whether it’s discovery, fun, comfort, relaxation or escape, we would like you to share what living free is for you.

Follow Super Kawaii Mama’s example and share how you ‘live free’.

Competition closes 11:59 PM AEST 15 May 2013.

Check out the full terms and conditions here.

Happy snapping, and good luck!

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Back in 2010, Queensland was devastated by floods. Here at Nuffnang, we  organised an auction to raise money and create awareness for the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. All of our bloggers also ran charity banners during that time to appeal to the hearts of their readers to donate to this cause. Thankfully, Queensland has recovered since then, but we are sure everyone learnt that no one can predict when and where natural disasters will hit.

[image source]

It is important then to be prepared and to have a plan, should the worst happen and you or your family be affected. Nuffnang recently wrapped up a campaign for CFA and it was all about being Fire Ready. You might think, “Well, I live in the city and I won’t be affected,” but this campaign opened our eyes around the myths and dangers of not being prepared.

Below are some highlights from the campaign.

“I still remember vividly the February of 2009. I was five months pregnant, the weather was absolutely scorching with 40 degree plus consecutive days and I was glued to the updates coming through from the devastating bushfires happening in my home state, Victoria.  Black Saturday. Such horror and despair. How incredibly frightening the ferocity of those fires were. I remember feeling the fear of hearing the news of the fires racing through the towns of people I loved, and making numerous phone calls to make sure they were safe.” – Hummingbird’s Song

“Do you know if your neighbours are Fire Ready?  What about the people who live down the end of your road you haven’t met yet? It’s a common fact that Australian communities come together beautifully to support each other after disaster has struck – but what about during and before? Have you got a list of people you could call on to help if needs be?  And do you know who else in your direct community might need a hand from you? Being aware of more than just your own fire plan, and cultivating some knowledge of supportive networks, could make life on a Code Red day a much less stressful experience.” – The Truth About Mummy

“When you’re as passionate as most outdoor enthusiasts are, staying inside isn’t an option. Personally, I’d go completely freaking insane. The best we can do is to plan carefully and be prepared for any possibility.” – Bushwalking Blog

“Thanks to the foresight of my brother and the anal retentive housekeeping of my mother, we were able to get our pets out safely.” – Smaggle

“I know that we would be doing everything in our power to get to our children and get them outside, so thinking about preparing them to be independent in the case of an emergency is something that is easy to let slip. Use this as your reminder to consider what your child knows and is capable of understanding and think about what they could and should know.” – Learn With Play At Home

CFA also set a challenge to Nicole from Planning With Kids to see how #fireready she is. She was given ten minutes to complete the Code Red Challenge to see how prepared she would be.

Nicole Avery Planning With Kids Fire Ready

You can watch the Code Red challenge video and Nicole’s reaction on her blog.

“Even though it was only a challenge, I found myself really just focusing on getting the absolute basics, so the family would be safe. The challenge said to find three precious items that you wanted to take with you. Once I had my hard drive, which contained both work files and family photos, nothing else seemed to matter.” – Planning With Kids.

This has been a very eye-opening campaign, dispelling many myths of things we always thought we “knew” about fire safety. For more information on how to prepare your family, visit the CFA website.

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It’s no secret that finding time for yourself can be difficult, but for busy mums, it can seem impossible. In a celebration of women as mums, Dettol Touch of Foam invited 5 bloggers for a day of pampering and great conversation about how they manage to do it all and still find time for themselves.

See what they have to say in this  three-minute video:


What tips do you have for finding time for yourself?

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Telstra Digital Mum

When was the last time you talked to your mum? Has she ventured onto the internet? Do you stay in touch via Facebook updates or does she follow your Twitter stream?

As bloggers many of us take for granted the ways we stay connected. We click, post, blog and status update ourselves every day, some of us almost every minute of the day! In fact, most of our online friends hear from us more than our Mums these days; so Telstra has come to the rescue with the perfect way to help us help Mum keep in touch.

Mum 2.0 is Telstra’s way of helping all Mum’s stay in touch, the 2010 way. It’s about showing her just how to message us, poke us, see our photos and find us when we’re travelling the globe! Now this may sound great to Mum, but really, you don’t really want Mum popping up on your Facebook wall wondering if you wore clean underwear on you date now do you? And this is where Mum 2.0 comes in. Telstra isn’t just showing Mum’s how to connect, but the right way to do it! Netiquette is a tricky skill for the best of us, so Telstra helps Mum navigation the social media minefield and stay in touch without revealing your innermost secrets to your 500 friends!

Telstra’s Digital Mum Facebook group is giving Mum all the tips and tricks she needs to survive the digital jungle. Where she can learn that re-tweeting isn’t just that sparrow out the back window that drives her mad at 5am. That a “blogger” isn’t someone who cuts down trees for a living and where tagging is more than something done by local reprobates on train walls. It’s about giving her skills and confidence.

It isn’t just Mum that is going to be mighty pleased to hear from you – WE want to too! Tell us about your Mum and her internet experiences and you could WIN a HTC HD2 phone valued at $1,099.00 including a $30 Telstra Sim card!

To enter:
(a) post a story on the internet about your Mum and the internet;
(b) mention the Telstra Digital Mum 2.0 campaign on Facebook;
(c) link your post to the Telstra Digital Mum 2.0 campaign on Facebook, the website is;
(d) read the Terms & Conditions and agree by posting the content on your blog.

Then once you’ve published your story on your blog, leave us a comment on this post linking back to your post! Don’t forget you have to be a Nuffnang member to participate in this campaign.


The competition opens today, 15th of February and entries close on Monday, 8th of March.

The winner with the best story will be announced on the 16th of March.

So earn some brownie points and help Mum get connected!

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