At Nuffnang, we’re massive fans of all things Disney. We grew up watching the countless number of classic films, and learning to memorise the iconic storylines. As we grow older, we still heavily anticipate the release of every new film, which are always full of loveable characters.

With the school holidays just around the corner we’re excited to check out Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, in cinemas now in 3D.

Pete’s Dragon is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot. Who just so happens to be a dragon! Elliot has the ability to disappear, breathe fire and fly…so we’re sure children will be truly enchanted by him. The quality of the live action animation will have audiences of all ages believing in the reality of the mesmerising fantasy.

The creative execution of the film is a true winner in our eyes. The visual designers of Elliot have clearly studied and observed the fond relationships between people and animals. In fact, Pete and Elliot’s relationship closely resembles that of a boy and his dog. Perhaps this explains why we fell so in love with Elliot’s characteristics. By the end of the film you will become so invested in the storyline that you will leave the cinema, desperately wishing Elliot were real.

The film is a tale of mystery, friendship, family and love. We don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re partial to a slice of ‘Disney magic’ then this is the perfect film for you and your family.

A highlight of the film is the amazing cast, including Oscar® winner Robert Redford, and Bryce Dallas Howard of ‘Jurassic World’.

It’s the perfect movie to watch as a family as it provides the opportunity to open up to a world of imagination and delightful characters. While you’re busy rushing around this school holidays, switch off and tune into the fantasy of Pete’s Dragon.

Check out the trailer here.

Sonia of Life Love Hiccups, Kelly of Be A Fun Mum and Cheree of Oh So Busy Mum had the pleasure of watching a preview of Pete’s Dragon. Read their thoughts on the film, characters and school holiday entertainment tips in the links below:

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Amber Holyoake
Nuffnang Community Team

Bloggers, you’re going to love this one! Nuffnang has teamed up with Audible and 20th Century Fox for one of the coolest book-to-movie collaborations ever.

Centred around the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, Nuffnang bloggers are invited to experience this incredible story like no one else. Keep reading to find out how to get involved!

Gone Girl Nuffnang Blogger Screening by Audible“GONE GIRL” film artwork © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved

GONE GIRL is  the suspenseful thriller unearthing the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck in the film adaptation) reports that his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceit and strange behavior have everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife?

Thanks to Audible and 20th Century Fox, Nuffnang bloggers are invited to experience GONE GIRL both in audiobook and movie format before the movie opens to the public on 2nd October.

audible logo

Download a free copy of the GONE GIRL audiobook from Audible1.  Enjoy your instant download and listen to the thriller of the year before it hits the big screens. Then join Nuffnang for an exclusive preview screening of GONE GIRL as a major motion picture in Sydney or Melbourne on the 29th September.

Thanks to Audible and Twentieth Century Fox, Nuffnang is hosting exclusive advanced screenings in both Sydney and Melbourne on Monday 29th September.

Watch the trailer below:

To win a double pass to the advanced screening of GONE GIRL, in the comments below tell us in 10 words or fewer:
What was the worst thing you’ve ever had go missing?  
Don’t forget to let us know whether you’d like tickets for Sydney or Melbourne!

Winners will be notified via email by 22nd  September




Want to be sure you won’t miss this super amaze event? Write a review of GONE GIRL the audiobook from Audible and let us know what you’re looking forward to in the movie version (no spoilers!) and you’ll get bonus tickets to the advanced screening2 or if you live outside Sydney/Melbourne, you can receive a double pass to go see GONE GIRL in a cinema near you.3


1. If you already have an Audible account, please send an email to to arrange your free download of GONE GIRL. terms and conditions apply.
2. Maximum of four tickets (2 double passes) to be awarded per blogger for the advanced screening.
3.  Limited number of in-season passes available. In-season passes will be awarded to the first eleigible blog reviews shared in the comments of this post.


Nuffnang Community Team

Gary Mehigan Nuffnang Blogger Brita Competition

Hi there Nuffnangers, we have some fantastic news!

Nuffnang is launching an exciting recipe competition across its Australian network, with thanks to BRITA.

From professional chefs to home cooks, lovers of good food have always gone to considerable lengths to source the finest quality produce and ingredients. Surprisingly, however, few think the same way about the water they use in the kitchen, despite it being fundamental in the preparation of so many recipes, not to mention an important ingredient itself. BRITA believes that filtered water helps bring out the full potential of your recipes. Restaurateur & MasterChef Judge, Gary Mehigan is a proud ambassador for BRITA and has seen the difference for himself.

That’s right, it’s time to start thinking about filtered water as an ingredient! 

To celebrate the launch of the Better with BRITA campaign, Nuffnang has some exciting prizes up for grabs. We want to hear YOUR recipe ideas!

To enter, simply write a blog post on a ‘fresh recipe’ that uses filtered water as a key ingredient! Full details below.


We are giving away two vouchers for the incredible gourmet store The Essential Ingredient, a haven for quality ingredients, cookware, culinary books and cooking classes.

First Place:  $500 Gift Voucher

Second Place:  $250 Gift Voucher

We will also be sharing our favourite entries across Nuffnang AU’s social channels, so this is a great way to get your name out there and be seen by the rest of the blogging community.

Std_NoST_1st_Ex_4C copy

Here’s what you have to do:

1) Write up & publish your blog post sharing your very own ‘fresh recipe’. Make sure you include the relevant header at the top of your post!

2) Comment below on this blog post with the URL to your post. That way, we’ll be able to find it!

3) Nuffnang will select the top two most creative entries to win!

Important Info:

  • Please ensure your blog post includes the following header: ‘This post is an entry into the Nuffnang ‘Fresh Recipe’ Network Competition, thanks to BRITA. Check out for inspiration and exclusive recipes by Gary Mehigan’. (Please copy and paste in this header exactly as it contains a particular URL)
  • Let us know in your blog post: How would great tasting, filtered water help you make the most out of your recipe?

Get as creative as you like! Be sure to check out Gary Mehigan’s exclusive recipes and video tutorials for inspiration to get you started.

The competition ends 5:01pm AEST August 27, 2014 

Questions? Please email with the subject line ‘NN Fresh Recipe Competition’

View Terms and Conditions here

Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 11.39.55 AM

Oh eBay Collections, the things we’ve seen.
You’re full of products of which I dream.
There are the Collections with Mini Mouse,
And others that feature a cubby house.
You have products to fill a dress-up box
And the very cute Fantastic Mister Fox

You cater for the Frozen princess,
And you provide gifts to impress.
You offer not only cheap make up
But many a humorous coffee cup!
Then there’s the gorgeous lingerie
and a very drinkable cabernet.

As your project co-coordinator,
I’ve viewed Collections like a gladiator.
I‘ve seen top Holiday destinations
and some chocolate degustation
Beautiful exotic fancy hand cream
And products for a fresh vegie steam.

Collections have seen us in the Wild Wild West
And shopping outfits for a
music fest
We mouth-watered through Everything Bacon
And the interesting Salt and Pepper shakin’
There were the very sweet Honeybees
And some Collections of plants and trees

So many accessories to help with learning
And thousands of gadgets for which I’m yearning
Multiple varieties of exercise bikes
And even the boy with the lightning strike
You can sleep out in a Volkswagen
And own a Game Of Thrones dragon

Together we’ve seen African décor
and some classic sail and anchor
Your users can browse bathroom sinks
And pretty kitchens of colour pink
There’s an outfit for getting fit,
But also a new place to sit.

There are colourful Children’s books
And the best accessories for home cooks
You cater for the outdoor explorer
And can offer new hats Fedora
You organise birthday parties for the kids
And provide a new baby’s bibs

Whether we crave a Loom band
Or a house near the sand
If it’s a new steam punk watch
Or a fancy glass for a nip of scotch
With you, dear eBay Collections
We can have the lot

A perfect mask for a Masquerade Ball
Or just simply fashion for Fall
I have to say; together old friend…
We have seen to the end.
As Nuffnang and Collections draws to a close
I bid you adieu with this awful prose.

Erin Hogan
Nuffnang Community Team

eBay Collections is a fantastic new platform that allows users to create mood boards of items available on Nuffnang and eBay have teamed up to help launch eBay Collections, with Nuffnang bloggers being lucky enough to be invited to curate some of the first eBay Collections!

As part of this project, we have asked bloggers to build 5 Collections with 12 items available for purchase from With such a huge variety of items available for purchase, I have put together a few helpful hints to get your Collections looking great! We want you to have the best possible collections, as the top Collections will feature on the eBay Today page.


All eBay Collections should be based around a strong theme. Rather than creating a wish list of items you want to have, try to curate Collections based around a concept or idea that is easily adaptable to having a variety of items attributed to it. Choose something you’re passionate about!

For Example: Check out Trish’s Collection of Vintage Cameras or Tonya’s Collection Dreaming of an Aqua Kitchen

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.11.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.09.27 PM


eBay Collections need to have a strong colour scheme. Try to keep only 1 or 2 colours throughout the collection to ensure it has a nice streamline feel. You can certainly have variants on this, and different tones, but try to keep a nice and concise colour gradient.

 For example: Debbii8’s Collection of Dinner Date, there is a diverse range of items in this Collection but it still has a great colour theme!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.11.13 PM

What images to select:

A good trick when putting together your Collections is to choose items that have strong graphics with only one key main image.  Multiple images, or collages on the graphic makes the Collection look busy, and sometimes messy!

 Go for images like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.42.09 PM

Not like This:

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.38.32 PM

Choose items that don’t have banners or stickers over them. We want nice strong graphics that showcases the item, rather than having logos or banners plastered across the image. Look for items that have a long sale listing as Buy It Now items, then your Collections will remain fresher for longer!

We want you to get your Collections featured on the eBay Today page! eBay collections is now live to the public, and the eBay Today page is updated regularly with the latest and greatest Collections, providing a great platform for you to showcase your work!

If you have any questions about eBay Collections, email Erin at

If you fancy yourself a great content creator, you too can get paid to build your own Collections! Sign up here!

Erin Hogan
Nuffnang Community Team

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.28.33 AM

eBay Australia is launching a new feature, eBay Collections! eBay Collections is a platform for users to mix and match products from around a theme or passion. eBay Collections allows users to create profiles, and build ‘Collections’ filled with interesting items found on eBay.

Nuffnang and eBay have teamed up to find 400 of Australia’s best tastemakers, influencers and bloggers to have exclusive first access to the new platform, to create their own eBay Collections. Whether you’re into the latest on-trend homewares, bright and colourful nail art, sleek leather bags, or all the smart phone accessories you can handle, Nuffnang and eBay want Collections from you!

Love photography? Show us your favourite lenses, lights, or props. Are you a fan of mountain climbing? Create a Collection of all the gear you’ll want for that dream trip up Everest. eBay Collections gives you the opportunity to create your ultimate wish list for immediately shoppable items. We want to see all those little things that help to make up your passion and hobbies!

To be considered for this exclusive launch campaign all you need is a valid, Australian eBay account. As part of this trial, you will be required to create 5 Collections, each containing a minimum of 12 products per collection, which will be used to launch eBay Collections on April 30th 2014.

Collections need to be stylistic, creative and tasteful. The best Collections could be selected to feature on the eBay Today page, which is updated weekly and will serve as a platform to showcase new and exciting Collections. You and your Collections might also be featured throughout the website and across their various social media networks. Once you’ve registered your interest in participating, we will send you a simple step by step How To Guide which will help you to build your fantastic Collections.

As part of this VIP Nuffnang opportunity, your Collections will earn you $100 – just for sharing your passions with eBay!

Follow the link to our registration page to sign up or for more information!

Erin Hogan
Nuffnang Community Team



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