Nuffnang Policy on Sponsored Posts

This policy outlines the disclosure which Nuffnang requires and upholds regarding blogger payments for sponsored posts.

Nuffnang bloggers from time to time publish sponsored posts, which means that Nuffnang has contracted the blogger on behalf of an advertising client, to write a post for payment.

Companies which sponsor posts do so with the understanding that they cannot change or influence what the blogger writes in their sponsored post – the blog post will contain the blogger’s opinion. The only opportunity the advertiser does have is to correct any factual mistakes in the blog post.

All bloggers who write Nuffnang sponsored posts are required to disclose that they have received a payment in exchange for writing a post – that disclosure appears at the top of the post to ensure full transparency. That disclosure links to this page, in order to give a full explanation of Nuffnang’s policy on sponsored posts.