Top 10 Tips To Enhance Your Blog

Bloggers are engulfing the Internet with websites about everything from food to fashion, travel to lifestyle and all the niche blogs in between.

However, the difference between a fantastic blog and an unsuccessful blog can be a matter of a few simple tweaks to your technique and website.

1. Define your target audience

If you haven’t identified your target audience already, then STOP WRITING! This stage is possibly the most crucial part of blogging.

No matter what the theme of your blog is, an undefined target audience will severely impact the success of your blog. Defining things like age, gender and demographic, to name a few, will help you to engage with as many people as possible.

This will ensure that your audience is fully invested in your content as it relates to them on a personal level. You want your readers thinking “ahh yes! I can relate to that!” Just like you’re thinking reading this post, right!?

2. Relevant content

Once you have defined who your target audience are, you can start to deliver your content! Woohoo!

This is the fun part…however, the content needs to be relevant to your target audience and theme of the blog to ensure the success of each post and inevitably the blog itself.

Whoever said blogging isn’t hard has probably never tried it!

When delivering content it is important to define the key messages you are trying to convey through each post, how these messages relate to your target audience and the general theme of your blog.

Staying on track with the relevancy of content will generate a loyal basis of subscribers who will continuously visit your site, which is the foundation of a successful blog.

3. Tone

Whilst there are millions of blogs out there – the way you convey your writing through tone is the ultimate way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the blogosphere.

Whether your tone is sassy, endearing, funny, informative or a mash-up of several, your content is undeniably more interesting with a unique voice.

Tone generates a feeling of real life conversation whilst evoking a sense of relatability between you and your audience. It is also important to generate repetition of this tone throughout every post, so that people feel as though they can relate to you on a personal level.

4. Post regularly

Friendships take time to build and they don’t maintain themselves! The same can be said for blogs.

If blogs are only updated at random increments throughout the year, the relationship between you and your target audience will not be strong enough to build a loyal subscriber basis, your subscribers are what will ensure the success of your blog.

With an average of 55% of people spending no more than 15 seconds on a page before navigating away, the need for interesting and consistent content it crucial to entice people to stay on your page and to continue exploring.

So, treat your blog like your best friend – be yourself, be consistent, share regularly and nurture the relationship!

5. Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring…except when it’s chocolate. However, it certainly is when it comes to blogging and sharing your content through social media.

Enable a ‘Share’ link either at the top or bottom of every post on your blog to ensure a substantial reach to a broader audience. It will make sharing your content easier for your fans, which in turn draws more traffic back to your blog from social media pages.

By having your social media accounts on all your webpages you’ll give visitors quick and easy access to all your relevant social platforms e.g Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

6. Make friends

The importance of friendship is not only crucial in life, but also in the world of blogging.

Creating a relationship with fellow bloggers is so helpful when it comes to building a strong blog. Investing in relationships with fellow bloggers will allow for introduction into their circle creating more connections with people all over the web.

Some bloggers love sharing content that their friends have created and might even feature it on their own blog. If you focus on maintaining relationships with bloggers with similar content to yours you’ll have access to relevant audiences and get some inspiration at the same time.

However, don’t limit yourself to only your genre – you can never have too many friends!

7. Theme and design

Whilst your content and delivery are crucial aspects to an insightful and engaging blog, so too are the aesthetics of your blog.

Much the same as setting the tone for your blog, the aesthetics of your posts and social media platforms should show a consistent theme.

This can be in the form of photo filters, colouring, font and size, line spacing and white space (sometimes less is more). To engage people on your blog and to keep them ‘clicking through’ to various pages, the aesthetics of your page are a crucial aspect in creating an experience for your readers.

amberrenae Photo Credit: Amber Renae

8. Photography skills

Blogging is all about telling a story – whether it be sharing an experience, a story behind cooking or insightful tips into travel and food.

Pictures add substance and creativity to each post and help reader feel as though they were there for the experience.

To ensure that imagery has the intended effect on the reader, here are a few tips to keep in mind to when choosing your photos:

  • High resolution images: Images that are high resolution create a sense of legitimacy to your posts
  • Flat lay photography: A great way to showcase a number of items in a neat and creative manner.
  • Relevant: Ensure that photographs used are relevant to the content being delivered…don’t post a picture of a pug if you are talking about the methods of baking a brownie cake!
  • Lighting: Ensure that the lighting of the photo generates a clear picture – if you can’t control the natural light then use a program (VSCO is a good one) to edit the image after.

One of our Bloggerati, My Poppet, gives a perfect example of flat lay photography that is high resolution and well lit.

9. Go against the grain

The blogging world can at times be an intimidating and somewhat overwhelming realm to enter into. With millions of fashion, lifestyle, food and travel blogs, how does one be successful and original? The trick is to create a point of difference between your blog and the existing blogs, what about your style/interests/creativity/technique separates you from the average Joe?

Things to keep in mind when creating a point of difference: Photography style, theme of your blog, tone of your writing and creative technique.

Views of Now is a great example of throwing a twist into fashion with her unique style and vintage photography settings.

Cafe hopping- a good idea until ur so caffeinated u feel like u might take off into the stratosphere 🌩   A photo posted by Isabella Wight (@viewsofnow) on

10. Subscribe/newsletter link

We all lead busy lives these days. Between work, study, school, kids, social life and all the things in between, even remembering to have breakfast often has to be scribbled in the daily planner!

So, make it easy for those with a lot on their plates and ensure you have a subscribe and/or newsletter link on your profile.

This will ensure that no one forgets to keep up to date with your latest posts and consistently drives your audience right back to your blog!

Words by Georgie Wolfe

Amber Holyoake
Nuffnang Community Team
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