Is Visual Communication the New Way to Communicate Online?

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Author: Samantha Foster Swinburne University

In the digital age we are constantly seeing social media platforms evolve and adapt to modern society’s needs and wants. Nowadays, information is often conveyed through images, rather than primarily text, which makes sense, as images and videos can be consumed quickly, be entertaining, and are more expressive than plain text.



Log onto any social media or blogging platform and I almost guarantee that there will be an image-based post in the first five things posts.

Even though Facebook has over one billion active users, and Instagram has around 300 million, it isn’t surprising to see that the same post across both platforms gathers a different level of engagement.



As seen above, the same post published over two different platforms achieves very different results. Studies are also proving that image based posts have overall higher interaction rates, which is based upon the number of likes, comments, and shares a post receives. Image based social media and communications are taking off, and for good reason.


Source: Vogue

Instead of using a limited number characters to express yourself, a picture can say so much more, by helping us express our feelings, personality, lifestyle, attitudes, communicate messages, and more. It’s true – a picture really can paint a thousand words!

Short-form blogging app Dayre understands the importance of images to help tell a story, with users posting images, stickers, and 500 character snippets of text in a blogging that takes on a day-by-day journal format. With a heavy focus on visual elements, the text that is posted around the images is used to further describe the experiences or situations of users.

It’s no wonder that the majority of brands are now using image based platforms as a main part of their social media strategy. Brands and companies can directly connect with their target consumers through posting images that their audience can relate to.

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Source: Adidas Instagram

It is clear that visual images online are having a strong impact in the way people communicate and interact with each other. From using images to express yourself, communicate with others, and to promote and sell brands and products, this form of online communication is building and becoming more popular each year. With other social media platforms adjusting their affordances and adding new ones to assist in increase their image sharing capabilities and functionality, communication through images is becoming the popular and preferred way to interact with others online, for both customers and businesses.


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