Benefits Of Having Your Own Blog

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Author: Liz Alderslade Swinburne University

We all share online. Whether it’s what you had for lunch, photos of your children or the selfies that turned out well at a certain angle.  When we post this type of content, or any content for that matter, we just assume that friends will only see this because that’s what our privacy settings are set as. But many people don’t realise what happens to that content after we post it to social media.

Most bloggers probably use social media platforms to promote their blog. But hidden within social media website fine print you have to wonder, do you really know who is seeing your photos and content?


It’s a fact. The moment you sign up to certain social media sites, you agreed to the terms and conditions that state that the website can use anything you post at their discretion. What does that mean for you? Any photos you post can be used in advertising or sold onto third parties without further consent. The same goes for any other type of content shared on those platforms. Social media sites can even sell your content to others with the website making a profit. And if you sell said content to someone else? You are the one breaching contract, not them.

That’s why having your own blog is so important. When you own your own website, everything is wholly owned by you. You can cut, shift and change whatever you like, and don’t have to worry about the consequences.

Even if a photo is posted on your own blog but have a like or share button installed, social media sites are able to take some of the content. Certain social media sites have permission to use or let others use your content on or off of the website just from using these social media share abilities.

Now, social media is a brilliant way for free advertising. You can create a fan base easily with just a click of a button. Most times you don’t have to pay for using it and your fans can keep up to date with what you are doing. But you have to remember that if you have a social media account/page, it is only partially owned by you. Think of social media as a street where you opened your shop on:  Your landlord owns the building.

On your blog, you can also bring in any advertisers or advertisements you choose. (Hello, Nuffnang!) In other words, with your own blog you are free to do or post whatever you like whenever you feel like it! Isn’t that the reason you started a blog in the first place?

Your content also lasts longer on a blog; what is a little post on Facebook and Twitter that will only been seen and lost after a week compared to your article always being available in some form?

Also, most social media platforms restrict how your updates appear to other users, including the people who are following your social media. Usually that means that not a lot of people are going to see your posts. Luckily, on your blog anyone can see your content. There are no restrictions.

So, while social media is important for getting your message out there, make sure to remember that there is no better platform than your own website.

Nuffnang Community Team

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