An Ode to eBay Collections

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Oh eBay Collections, the things we’ve seen.
You’re full of products of which I dream.
There are the Collections with Mini Mouse,
And others that feature a cubby house.
You have products to fill a dress-up box
And the very cute Fantastic Mister Fox

You cater for the Frozen princess,
And you provide gifts to impress.
You offer not only cheap make up
But many a humorous coffee cup!
Then there’s the gorgeous lingerie
and a very drinkable cabernet.

As your project co-coordinator,
I’ve viewed Collections like a gladiator.
I‘ve seen top Holiday destinations
and some chocolate degustation
Beautiful exotic fancy hand cream
And products for a fresh vegie steam.

Collections have seen us in the Wild Wild West
And shopping outfits for a
music fest
We mouth-watered through Everything Bacon
And the interesting Salt and Pepper shakin’
There were the very sweet Honeybees
And some Collections of plants and trees

So many accessories to help with learning
And thousands of gadgets for which I’m yearning
Multiple varieties of exercise bikes
And even the boy with the lightning strike
You can sleep out in a Volkswagen
And own a Game Of Thrones dragon

Together we’ve seen African décor
and some classic sail and anchor
Your users can browse bathroom sinks
And pretty kitchens of colour pink
There’s an outfit for getting fit,
But also a new place to sit.

There are colourful Children’s books
And the best accessories for home cooks
You cater for the outdoor explorer
And can offer new hats Fedora
You organise birthday parties for the kids
And provide a new baby’s bibs

Whether we crave a Loom band
Or a house near the sand
If it’s a new steam punk watch
Or a fancy glass for a nip of scotch
With you, dear eBay Collections
We can have the lot

A perfect mask for a Masquerade Ball
Or just simply fashion for Fall
I have to say; together old friend…
We have seen to the end.
As Nuffnang and Collections draws to a close
I bid you adieu with this awful prose.

Erin Hogan
Nuffnang Community Team

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