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With a fast growing community of 6,500 bloggers, the Nuffnang office is a very busy place! Not only are we hustling about with events, campaigns, and of course lots of blogging, but this semester we’ve also teamed up with Swinburne University for an internship program. We’re hosting seven (un?)lucky university students, teaching them everything we know about blog marketing.

Nuffnang Australia Interns

In addition to doing all things awesome and Nuffnang, this impressive group of  Journalism and Media & Communications interns will also be guest posting on the Nuffnang blog over the next two months. They’ll be sharing their insights into the blogging industry, interviewing other bloggers, writing some handy how-to’s for you, and more. We’re so excited to have them!

Meet the Nuffnang Interns:


A “lover of love”, Monica dabbles in film, snowboarding, food and wine, literature, human rights, fashion, decorating, and more. It’s no surprise that this journo student has taken well to the world of blogging!


A fashionista with a passion for digital, Jay-Dee studies Journalism and has lots of experience in radio and video. She’s an avid DIY’er and shares her beautiful creations and recreations on her blog.


She loves healthy food, yoga, travelling, and all things Journalism. She can spot a good blog from a mile away and is always discovering new Nuffie favourites. Say hello to Rhiannon on her blog!


Kim is a big admirer of all you bloggers who post so often! This overachieving Media Comm student loves to sew when she can find any spare time. She’s interested in cultural communications and fashion & beauty;  she’d love to put her copywriting skills to use in creating her own blog someday.


Hayley is a masterful multitasker, and divides her spare time between fashion and playing netball. She spends more time at the movies than anyone you know, and has a passion for new media and Journalism.


A passionate nomad with a heart for photography, Jelena is putting her Media Comm studies to the test as she dives headfirst into projects about new media, blogging, SEO and more.

Stay tuned for their upcoming Nuffnang blog debuts! We hope you’ll send them a warm welcome.

What blogging advice would you give our students?

Nuffnang Community Team

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