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As the divide between blogging and social media continues to blur, bloggers are making headlines by drawing in the masses from social platforms. Instagram has been an especially powerful tool for many Aussie bloggers, as they use their smartphone shots to amplify their audiences.

Here are a few Aussie bloggers who are making waves in the online world via Instagram:

Name: Chloe Ting
Instagram Followers: 21K

Photo Style: “My instagram photos mostly showcase my outfit of the day, or random things that are worth being beautified and shared in Instagram such as interesting places or scrumptious food dishes!”

How do you use Instagram for your blog?  “I use Instagram to share a snapshot of my blog content or to connect with my readers on a more personal level.”

Chloe Ting Nuffnang blogger instagram

Name: Rachel Devine
Instagram Followers: 24K

Photo Style: Daily life vignettes and portraits.

How do you use Instagram for your blog?  “First of all, my Instagram name, SesameEllis is also my blog name so while the links in comments are not clickable on that social media platform, all anyone has to do is type into a browser, sesameellis and add the dot com and they will find my site. There is a real time photo link in my blog sidebar to share the latest Instagram posting. I am just starting to occasionally mention related blog posts in my Instagram comments. I don’t want to turn Instagram into some sort of constant blog flog. Personally, just a mention here and there for those who might not be aware that I blog works well with the nature of Instagram users. I think of my Instagram feed as daily eye candy and a way to keep my name and images at the forefront of my community’s mind.”

Rachel Devine Sesame Ellis Nuffnang Instagram

Name: Willabelle Ong
Instagram Followers: 32K

Photo Style: “Mainly fashion; my personal style, OOTDs (outfit of the day), what I’ve just bought, etc. I also post food and travel photos; where I am, what I’m having, recommended places to eat, and so on. It’s a mini-blog to document little happenings and snippets of my daily outfits!”

How do you use Instagram for your blog?  “I have a larger following on my Instagram compared to my blog, so each time a new post goes live on ‘Pale Division’, I will notify readers and followers about my update through Instagram and other social media platforms.”

Willabelle Pale Division Nuffnang Blogger Instagram

Name: Lucy Feagins
Blog: The Design Files
Instagram Followers: 19K

Photo Style: “My photo style on Instagram is a mix of casual daily iPhone snaps, and re’gramming professional photos we use on the blog.  In either case I like to keep the shots generally quite natural and go easy on the filters.”

Instagram and the Blog: “We have almost 20,000 followers on Instagram, and we find it’s a great way not only to promote our content (i.e. with reminders about our daily posts), but also to let readers see a little behind the scenes at TDF.  We find instagram allows us to share the slightly more personal, casual side of TDF with our readers.”

The Design Files Blogger Instagram Nuffnang

Do you use Instagram for your blog? What other bloggers do you follow on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below.

Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Tonya :

    LOVE instagram! As a craft blogger it is fun to be able to share some of the process of creating before I share the finished project on my blog. nInstagram: @CraftyMummynBlog:

  2. Jen at Interiors Addict :

    I love Instagram and have a thriving community on there around my monthly photo challenge #7vignettesnInsta: @interiorsaddictnBlog:

  3. Jasmine :

    I have been a instagram addict for a long time now. My pictures are much like my blog a weird mixture of my life, wants, shopping habits and hijinks. nInstagram: @quirkyandcurvynBlog: http://www.quirkyandcurvy.comnnI follow a few other bloggers on instagram, some i can think of are @teerwayde @jessrfrost @eleanormccomb and the amazing @meetmeatmikes

  4. Anonymous :

    love it!nInstagram @bridgewidgenblog

  5. Maria :

    Love! Love Instagram! Its the best medium for bloggers. Great pics spread with a speed of light!nFor instance, for our new website we gained over 5,000 followers just in 4 months! How AMAZING?! nInstagram: @CrashingRed and @So_NailiciousnBlog:

  6. Olivia :

    I looooovveee Instagram! And I use it daily! I find it great to do more personal updates on the go. And it gives a cheeky glance into the ordinary events- not just flashy blog moments! nnInstagram: @waituntilsunsetnBlog:

  7. Gourmet Getaways :

    OMG!! These are huge Instagram followings !! Obviously I have been neglecting a very valuable online resource. Time to utilize Instagram more!

  8. posie blogs Jennie McClelland :

    Oh bless Instagram, i started when the iPhone 5 came out (my first smart phone) & absolutely love this social media platform. It’s friendly, like mini blogging & incredible images. A little piece of instant happiness in my handbag. I’m Posie Shoots. Fits in nicely with my blog too love Posie

  9. Anonymous :

    Instagram is completely addictive. Love the more personal side it shows. I follow many of the lovely ladies who have commented below. It’s fun.nInstagram @stylishkylienBlog:

  10. E-von :

    Instagram is a great way of showing other areas of interest that may not have made it on the blog. I find it is a great way of engaging readers to know me a bit more personally. nInstagram: @sewislifenBlog: http://sewislife.netn

  11. Izzy :

    I love instagram!

  12. Kim :

    Love Chloe Ting! :)nninstagram : kim_leownblog:

  13. Ali :

    Yes I do. It provides an extra background into my interests, what fitness activities I’m up to and what healthy (and some not so healthy) bits and pieces I’m eating.nInstagram: @ali_northofherenblog:

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  16. Yvette @ Little Bento :

    Great selection! We love Instagram!!nn@little_bento is me – bringing you bento lunches that are great for everyone!

  17. Anonymous :

    I love Instagram. It’s great to use as a mini blog! I need to join an Instagram Annonymous group though! It’s addictive!nInstagram: LittlebitofthymenBlog: Little Bit of Thyme

  18. Brismod :

    Love, love instagram for my renovating and design blog. It’s like micro-blogging and the community is nice!nInsta: @BrismodnBlog:

  19. sparklingker :

    Love instagram, I was actually quite late to the IG party lol I use my personal account for the blog.nnInstagram: @sparklingkernBlog:

  20. porfiriowise :

    You dont need to spend money to purchase ‘artificial’ fans. You will get ‘phony’ followers through tags too. Down load this application named ‘tags for likes’, and replicate their tags and insert it in your pictures.nMore Info

  21. Shalny :

    Wish I have that many followers on Instagram too :)nMy instagram: @ShalnyOngnBlog:

  22. Vicki :

    Yes I try to use the images from my blog posts. Love instagram such a fab social media platform

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