Snapshot of the Australian Blogosphere: 2012 Blogger Survey Findings

Nuffnang 2012 Australian Blogosphere Survey Results

As leaders of the Australian blogosphere, we feel it’s extremely important to have a solid understanding of who bloggers and blog readers are and what makes them tick. In July 2012, Nuffnang conducted a survey of more than 500 bloggers and blog readers. This was the second year we have surveyed the Australian blogosphere.

The findings from this study paint a picture of the Australian blogger and provide insights into their online and offline habits. As blogging is quickly becoming a more mainstream form of online media for Australia, these survey results also provide powerful insights for how brands and bloggers are able to work together.

These findings have been beautifully illustrated in book form, which we invite you to download through the link below. Enjoy!

Download the Nuffnang’s 2012 Australian Blogosphere Report

Do any of these survey results surprise you? Which are your favourite stats?

Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Me :


  2. Timothy Teoh :

    I loveee data

  3. Wendy Huang :

    Great report Valissa! I shared it on a blog post I wrote for SavvySME:n up the good work!

  4. Melinda :

    Loved the research. When profiling bloggers – it would have been great to have some comparisons with general pop. ie. for age, education, income, marital status etc,. just to see how / where the differences are. Thanks.

  5. Nuffnang AU :

    Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

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