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Since 2007, Nuffnang has always been all about helping enrich the blogger community. We’ve worked with more than 5000 Australian bloggers over the past 5 years, and are committed to helping bloggers grow and improve their sites. As blogs progress, there’s a natural change in their working relationships with brands. Some bloggers have come to outgrow Nuffnang’s standard services, which is why we are adapting our offerings to help fill this need.

Nuffnang is proud to announce a new era of blogging: the Nuffnang Talent Blogger Program.

Nuffnang Talent Blogger Badge

We are thrilled to announce a pilot group of 12 of Australia’s top bloggers who will be participating in this program:


These twelve bloggers will be exploring new ways to grow their blogs, setting an example and paving the way to success for the rest of the Nuffnang community. The Talent Program will benefit the blogger community as much as it will the bloggers involved, including educational master classes and resources to help all bloggers become better at their craft. The master classes will focus on a range of topics important to blogging, such as social media strategy, building a brand around your blog, working with brands, SEO, website management, and more. Talent bloggers will also be given the opportunity to sit on discussion panels with some of the world’s most popular international bloggers, sharing knowledge and applying the skill sets to Australian blogs.

We ask for the support of the Nuffnang community as these twelve bloggers rise to meet the evolving challenges of the Australian blogosphere.

If you’re interested in becoming a Nuffnang Talent Blogger, get in touch! While we’re starting with a small group of select bloggers, after the pilot period this program will be open to applications from the community with rolling intakes. We’ll be sharing details for how to get involved shortly, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for more info.

Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Dave :

    Well done team!!

  2. Kim Ong :

    Hey, this is a fantastic way to grow the blogging community. Well done Nuffnang!

  3. mrsdandcandybows :

    Great idea, I would love to be involved one day

  4. mrsdandcandybows :

    Great idea! I would love to be involved next time.

  5. Karen Kay :


  6. Karen :

    Awesome program!

  7. heyhoewarren :

    Congratulations! Such a talented group of bloggers you’ve selected.

  8. Jen :

    Congrats and exciting program

  9. learnwithplayathome :

    So awesome! Completely stoked for these blogs, especially a special few.. ;) who I know are going to teach us so much and benefit us all. Yay. :) Congrats guys. Can’t wait to see everything that comes up and if you’re ever looking for more willing participants, *hands up* haha Debs :)

  10. Nuffnang AU :

    Thanks for the great words! We’re definitely piloting this and will be opening for new intakes :)

  11. Nuffnang AU :

    Thank you everyone for the great feedback we’ve had!! The support has been fantastic!

  12. Miss Cinders :

    Very good choice of bloggers :) Well done!

  13. shuwen94 :

    That sounds like an amazing idea and I would love to be involved !

  14. colourmethere :

    An awesome list of inspiring bloggers. Great stuff, guys!

  15. Jeanie :

    Fantastic, can’t wait to see what happens with this initiative. Well done!

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  17. Utterly Organised :

    Wow – some amazing and inspiring bloggers to test this out – cannot wait to hera more about it :-)

  18. Jasmine :

    Congratulations to all the wonderful bloggers selected for this pilot program! And well done to Nuffnang for recognising that a little bit of support helps bloggers to go a long way.

  19. Thanks for the Opportunity. :

    […] with people I really admire, and the most exciting this so far… I’m now part of the Nuffnang Talent Program.  Nuffnang will be handling the behind the scenes business stuff for me, which […]

  20. Sally :

    Hey I’d like to do this too? What is involved? Can it also help to pay some of my course costs if its related to blogging?

  21. Fee :

    I’d love some more details on how to get onboard with this. How were these bloggers chosen in the first place? I’m working hard this year on taking my blog to the next level but would appreciate any help there is on offer. nPlease let me know how I can get on board with Nuffnang Blogger Talent Program and how to get my blog in front of more brands.

  22. aimeejohnson90 :

    Nice post! Thanks I really enjoyed reading it! Keep posting.nn

  23. Jody at Six Little Hearts :

    Oooh lucky peeps! I would love the opportunity too in future!nWill keep my fingers crossed for an opportunity like this!

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