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In typical Melbourne style, mother nature delivered us with unpleasant, ice-like weather on Saturday May 12. So while MN was being evil and doing her thing, the fashion Gods had other plans in mind. Draped in colour and style, they flipped the bird at MN and did what they do best; dress to impress. After all, the weather was no reckoning force in stopping 150 of Australia’s most savvy fashion bloggers from descending on 1000 £ Bend for Nuffnang Fashionopolis – the first fashion blogging conference of its kind in Australia.

The Nuffnang team together with the amazing Phoebe Montage of Lady Melbourne and event sponsors Sunglass Hut Inner Circle and Reward Style put on a fun yet educational day covering three topic areas of interest to fashion bloggers:

1. Your Blog, Your Brand
2. Fashion  Torque
3. How to Monetize Your Blog Through Advertising

Each session explored educational thoughts and insight from those within the industry which generated highly engaging discussions both during question time and through the #NNF2012 feed over on twitter. We were even trending in Melbourne!

We hope everyone in attendance enjoyed not only themselves but also the opportunity to meet other fashion bloggers that they may have only known via their online presence. It was a wonderful experience to bring together so many incredible fashion bloggers from right around Australia and in some cases, as we saw with Team Africa, the world!

Nuffnang would like to extend our thanks to all those involved with making Nuffnang Fashionopolis a great success: Patty Huntington, Sarah Gale, Jenny Bannister, Philip Boon, Kyra Pybus, Domain Flowers, Steve Madden, Sunsilk, Dove, The Carlton and the incredible team over at 1000 £ Bend, especially Cara!


We’d like to generate a link up out of all the blog posts that get written about Fashionopolis. Please drop your post URL in a comment below so we can add it to our list…

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