Guest Post: 10 Ways to Increase Beginner Bloggers Traffic

You’re most likely reading this because you’re new to blogging and want to know how to get yourself out there. No matter how small the step, you’re still making them and each one gets you that much closer to being the most AWESOME BLOGGER IN THE UNIVERSE… ok, maybe not but it is ok to aim high.

My name is Danielle and one of the places I blog at is I’ve been a blogger for almost five years and racked up over 2000 posts in that time but it’s only been in the last few months that I started believing I had what it took to create original, honest and entertaining content on a regular basis, essentially turning my blog into a business. Nuffnang have been a great help bringing in revenue, educating and standardizing rates within the blogging community but let’s not put the cart before the horse shall we… without traffic you don’t get revenue so until you’ve implemented or amended the following points (in no particular order), put it out of your mind… I mean it!


  1. Comment, comment and then comment some more!  When you comment on someone else’s blog, you’re reaching out to them, people like that and more often than not they reach out back to you. Speak your mind but be courteous, nothing kills blog traffic like a bitchy/know-it-all/whinger, would YOU want to hang out with you?
  2. Building a unique voice online is hard but it ‘s worth it, even if it does take time.  Keep commenting and writing posts, soon enough you’ll find your flow and blogging will feel like second nature. Remember, people are instinctively drawn to those with confidence so do it your way and you’ll have blog groupies in no time.
  3. Attend a Blog Meet if you can, they’re a wealth of information, an opportunity to cement blog friendships and not to mention an excuse to party whether it’s a picnic, a nice dinner out or even an over the top cocktail party like I plan on throwing across the country… skies the limit people!
  4. Buy a “.com”, costs about $10 a year with Google and it’s worth it, do it sooner rather than later… learn from my mistake. I didn’t have confidence in’s popularity and left this to the last minute, it’s one of my biggest regrets as it made it difficult for people to find me, not very helpful when trying to increase traffic!
  5. Register Email/Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo etc accounts under your blog name. Any kind of social networking platform, even if you have no plans to use it should be acquired as soon as possible to secure your online identity.
  6. Post as often as possible and use keywords/tags effectively to boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and make it easier for Google and other search engines to find you.
  7. Set up analytics to record traffic on your blog. Google Analytics is a great free option but there are more out there. Analytics not only keep track of your traffic but it can be a vital tool in your blogs growth. You can see how people find you, which days get the most response, what your readers favourite topics are, what country they live in, not to mention a lot of other cool things. Seriously, go and check it out. If you don’t want to focus on the numbers, don’t look at it, just keep it there and let those number keep stacking up. Trust me, you’ll need them later.
  8. Watch and learn from other bloggers you aspire to be like. They will be your constant inspiration. Don’t be afraid to email your blog idols for advice, most bloggers are willing to share what they’ve learnt or even have a monthly e-newsletter full of helpful tips… like me!
  9. Sign up for blogging classes and read blogging websites like the following:,,,, there are a lot more but these are some that I visit at least once a week.
  10. Keep the layout and design simple. If you have flashing glittery gifs, a big pink flower that replaces the cursor, a full sized photo blog header or bad country music songs automatically playing when you open the page… prepare to have no readers, well at least no one over the age of 10. There are many free templates online or you can attempt to do it yourself. At this stage I wouldn’t bother shelling out money for a custom design, why not check out for something cute and fun!

You’ve just started on this blogging journey and you’ll never know where it will take you. My best advice is simply this:

Just write what you know and go with the flow.


Stay tuned for next weeks edition of Better Wednesday Blogging where Danielle will outline 10 ways to increase blog traffic for Wannabe Pro Bloggers!


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  1. Simon Food Favourites :

    sounds like some great basic advice especially about keeping the layout and design simple so it’s easy to read :-)

  2. gen321 :

    Great advice! I am already using some of the tips (pat on my back), but your post just reassures me that I am headed in the right direction. Really grateful for the tip on buying a domain name; I have been hesitant to do that, feeling like I need more traffic to warrant the purchase, but now I know better. Thank you!!!!

  3. danniibeauty :

    Great tips! I’m starting to look at getting a .com.

  4. Donna @ NappyDaze :

    This is perfectly timed advice, thanks! I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half but would like to be a bit more serious about my approach to it. Thank you for sending e in the right direction!

  5. vk :

    Lols, great advice. I didn’t know a domain name comes so cheaply nowadays. I remember when I was a lassie (that was, four years ago) a domain name was almost 30 bucks a pop/month. :) Thanks for the lovely advice.

  6. Danimezza :

    @Simon – K.I.S.S. really is effective. More in depth look next week for those wanting to go pro.
    @Gen321 – Funny how something so cheap (and only 4 characters mind you) make our confidence waver. Glad to hear you’re making the right choices for you x
    @dannibeauty – Do it! Do it NOW… takes 2 minutes if that :)
    @Donna – Be sure to check back next week for even more tips to take your blogging further!

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