Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge – win an iPad for Christmas!

Hello and welcome to our monthly blogger challenge, which is a special Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge! This month’s prize is an iPad! We’re all iPad addicts in the Nuffnang office, and it’s one of those shiny new toys that can really help you blog on the go (or read blogs on the go) – so we’d like to spoil one lucky blogger with this as a Christmas present!

Each month we try to inspire you to get your creative freak on with our Blogger Challenge topics – which will hopefully result in great blog post ideas for YOU and sometimes cool prizes too!

So, without further delay, here’s the challenge for this month! Create a blog post in response to this question:

Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge: Pick out the best blog post you wrote in 2010, and write a blog post which links to that post and explains why it’s your favourite.

How to participate:

All you need to do is create a blog post in response to the challenge question which includes a link back to The Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge. Then make sure you leave a comment here on this blog post with a link to your entry.

The most creative post will win, so be as creative as possible!

The winner will receive a 16GB iPad with WiFi and 3G, valued at $RRP 629. Yay!

Entries are only open to Nuffnang bloggers, so if you aren’t already a member, sign up! Entries close at 5pm on Tuesday, 30 November! We look forward to reading your entries! :)

UPDATE – we have a winner!

Big congratulations to majikfaerie, who won for her hilarious entry “Making Decisions in 7 Easy Steps” – thanks everyone for entering, it was great reading about your favourite posts of 2010 – so much variety and talent in our blogging community! Thank you all!

That wraps up our monthly blogger challenges for 2010 – but don’t worry, they’ll be back in 2011!

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  1. melbgirl :

    I’m so glad I have had the pleasure to share all my 2010 blogs with Nuffnang – you guys rock and are the ‘icing on the cake’ for all bloggers!

    Hope I win the iPad!

    Love Emily (aka melbgirl)

  2. Monisme :

    Thanks for making me go back and actually think about this Nuffnang!

    It was nice to see my transformations as a blogger and reminisce about the year!

    Here is the link to my favourite post entry

    Cheers guys!


  3. Styling You :

    Dear Nuffnang Santa,

    Please, pretty please send me an iPad for Christmas. I’ve been really good.

    Yours in stylish blogging

    Ms Styling You

    (Here’s my post …

  4. Tina :

    Awesome giveaway, guys!
    My entry can be found here:
    Thanks! x

  5. shelly veronika :

    Please be my Santa Claus Nuffnang!!

    always love you,

    My Christmas Wish:

  6. Cate Fogarty :

    Dear Santa,

    Please find attached my Christmas wish list…..

    I will see you soon when I bring all “The Darlings” and Precious up for the annual photo!!


    Cate Can Cook

    PS Thank you Nuffnang – love your events!!!

  7. demie :

    dearest nuffang,
    i promised i’ve been good.

    that ipad sounds soo awesome right now. :)

    here you go!

  8. Filiz :

    Dear Nuffnany,

    An ipad would be a great pressie. Yes pulllleeeeaaassseeeee!!!

    Here is my entry

    Love you lots!

  9. Seyma :

    Heres my fave post!! Wow its weird going back and reading something I wrote so long ago!! ME WANTS IPAD!!
    mwah mwah
    Heres the post!!

  10. Catherine :

    Dear Nuffnang,

    Thanks for giving me a chance to blog about my favourite post.

    Nuffnang u rocks!
    happy early christmas.


  11. Nessbow :

    I had such trouble choosing just one favorite post for the year. I am so proud of all the work I have done in 2010, and there were so many posts that I have loved. In the end, I managed to choose just one.

    Merry Christmas to all, and good luck.
    P.S: it would be awesome to have that Ipad. My computer is about ten years old, and is powered by several small rodents running on a wheel inside it.

    Here’s a link to my post:

  12. Justin :

    Hey Nuffnang!

    Here is a link about my favourite blog post for 2010. It was easy to pick my favourite post.

    Good luck to all fellow bloggers! Hope I win kekekeek

    Thanks Nuffnang!

  13. Sandra Hoffman :

    Hi, My post is finally up,
    I really hope nuffnang can bring me some christmas surprises this year!!
    My favourite post this year had to go to my review on balgownie estate. I loved it so much and was so fascinated by the creativeness of the food, that I went back to interview the executive chef about it.
    thanks heaps


  14. Natalie :

    Here is my favourite post!

    Hope the Nuffnang gang have a wonderful holiday season!

  15. Jody :

    It was lovely reading back over my old posts, and I’m sitting here in tears, remembering how I felt when I wrote my favourite one –

    Thank you for encouraging me to do it :)

  16. Janice :

    I got my post up too!!!

    I’m dyyyyinggg for the iPad. Haha!!!


  17. Styling You :

    (for some reason the link above is not working now … trying again)

    Dear Nuffnang Santa,

    Please, pretty please send me an iPad for Christmas. I’ve been really good.

    Yours in stylish blogging

    Ms Styling You

    (here’s my link:

  18. Styling You :

    Ok, 3rd time lucky (I changed servers on Monday!)

    Dear Nuffnang Santa,

    Please, pretty please send me an iPad for Christmas. I’ve been really good.

    Yours in stylish blogging

    Ms Styling You

    Here’s my link:

  19. Yukiko :

    ok, so i figured i wouldn’t be getting a lion for xmas,
    but I wouldn’t mind a IPad!

    Happy December peeps!


  20. CC :

    Thank you Nuffnang! :)

  21. Jojo :

    I hope it’s not too late :) Thank you Nuffnang.

    Merry Christmas to all.. SOON!

  22. Michelle Ng :

    Here’s my submission for this challenge:

    Merry Xmas in advance fellow Nuffies! :)

  23. Sylvie :

    Got my post up!

    Happy early Christmas nuffnang!

    an iPad to brightened up my christmas would be lovely!


  24. Christmas is coming... | :

    […] see Nuffnang is running this little Christmas bloggers competition and the prize just happens to be a shiny new ipad. I don’t need an ipad, I’m still […]

  25. katepickle :

    You know I don’t really need an ipad…. but oooooh I so want one!!!

  26. Two Bites At the Apple | Girl On Raw :

    […] Nuffnang are giving one lucky blogger the chance to win a 16GB iPad with WiFi and 3G, valued at $RRP 629. […]

  27. GirlonRaw :

    Hey Nuffnangers, good luck to you all with this fabuloso giveaway from the generous guys here at Nuffnang. Wowsers what a GREAT prize.

    Here’s my contribution of an entry for a chance to win :)

    Merry Christmas to you all!


  28. Lucy :

    Hi there,

    My entry is here:


  29. Lucy :

  30. GirlonRaw :

    Wowsers, what a fantastic prize opportunity. Thanks so much for your generosity Nuffnang.

    Here’s my entry to go in for the chance to win the iPad. Crossing my fingers!

    Good luck bloggers and Merry Christmas to all!


    aka GirlonRaw

  31. Donna @ NappyDaze :

    Dearest Santa-Nuffnang,

    Seems I am not alone in coveting such a perfect prize for those of us who have a passion for prose! After an initial disbelief that we could be at years end already (thanks for the much needed reminder!) what fun it was to reflect on the year that was.

    Hopefully my “Pursuit of Nappyness” rings a jingle bell or two for you all!

    Yours in mistletoe,

    NappyDaze x

  32. Holly :

    Merry Christmas Nuffnang!!
    what a year it has been & i loved going down memory lane with you for this challenge!
    my favourite blog post entry –

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  33. Melissa@Suger Coat It :

    I played! How could I resist. A free iPad. Yes please..!

  34. Amy :

    Hi Nuffnang Team,

    This is such an awesome challenge. Apple ipad has been on my wish list for months.

    My blog post for the challenge:

    Good luck everyone!




  35. Agnes :

    Here’s my entry :)

  36. Sylvie :

    Got my post up !

    Merry Christmas before Nuffnang!
    An Ipad would truly brightened the year!!


  37. Tenielle :

    Wow, that was both fun and emotional. Here’s my entry:

  38. Rachel :

    Nice.I’m dying for one too :”(

    Check out my entry:

  39. Ela Majikfaerie :

    Oh my, I’m so excited about this, it’s even got me excited about Christmas!

    Here’s my entry:

    I really wanna win! (try saying that 10 times fast), but seriously, I’m gonna win, I can feel it in my bones. Oh, wait! That’s another thing I could have tried: casting the Bones…

    Thanks Nuffnang, I had LOADS of fun making this blog post :) Merry Christmas!

  40. nellbe :

    Thanks Nuffnang for the chance to win an iPad! Here is my entry.

  41. Danielle @ :

    My Entry:

    Creative, Honest and fashionable :)

  42. Ariad :

    Hi nuffnangos,
    here’s my fave post of the year

    merry xmas

  43. Yuki :

    Hi hi Nuffnang Team,
    Thank you for the amazing challenges that you guys bring out every month!
    Here is my entry that hungrily awaits for the much much antecipated Christmas gift!

    All the best for everyone =)

  44. Belinda @ SaveMumSanity :

    Hi Nuffnang,
    Thanks for giving me a much needed moment of reflection as we near the silly season.

    Here’s my entry:

  45. TFT’s Fave Post for Nuffnang Blogger Challenge – Steampunk Adventures — :

    […] terribly “me”, I’ve waited til almost the last minute possible to do my Nuffnang Blogger Challenge entry – but actually, I’ve got a whole hour left til 5pm, so it’s not THAT […]

  46. Joni Ibarra :

    Better late than never! we want THAT iPAD, pretty please!
    Here’s our entry! Enjoy!

  47. Leanne :

    Thanks for such an awesome Chrissie pressie for some lucky blogger Nuffnang!!

    My entry is a humorous one that also showcases my fashion styling…and love of Steampunk. Hope you enjoy!

  48. Thanh :

    Hi Nuffnang,

    Thanks for the competition. I would love an iPad as a Christmas present.

    Here’s my entry.


  49. Vintage Grrl :

    Almost forgot to leave a link! An iPad would make an awesome Christmas surprise :D

    All my digits are now crossed :D

  50. Ela Majikfaerie :

    Why is my comment still awaiting moderation? *suddenly nervous that something weird happened that stopped my entry from going in*
    I posted yesterday…
    November 29th, 2010 at 7:52 pm

  51. Betty (sugarpuffi) :

    i just made it!!!
    its still 11pm on my clock!!

    Love sugarpuffi<3

  52. Betty (sugarpuffi) :

    awee 5pm…ok i fail…i had work!! i just got home Y~Y so not fair

  53. UtamaOptometrist :


  54. Ela Majikfaerie :

    Thanks Nuffnang! :) and well done to everyone, I’ve enjoyed reading all the entries and I now have some new blogs to read.

  55. Learning to blog in tune :

    […] It’s with these thoughts in mind that I think back to the blogging year that was and choose my favourite blog post I wrote in 2010, as part of the Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge. […]

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