Nuffnang hosts its first Melbourne food blogger meetup at the Grand Hyatt

Thanks to Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt for hosting Nuffnang’s first food blogger meetup, at their lovely Collins Kitchen restaurant. We were lucky enough to host 20 food bloggers at the dinner (thank you all for attending!)

Our friends in Sydney might dispute it, but we think the enthusiastic response (and sheer number of photos taken!) at last night’s meetup proved that Melbourne is the foodie capital of Australia. :)

We had predinner drinks at the elegant RU-CO bar, and then had a tour of the open kitchen in the Collins Kitchen restaurant.

The open kitchen layout in Collins Kitchen

The open kitchen layout in Collins Kitchen

Collins Kitchen

Collins Kitchen

The Executive Chef of Collins Kitchen (Jason) was kind enough to give us his own tour of the kitchen, and came out to our table to chat about the food and tell us a little about his own background (another South Australian foodie! yay!).

The Chefs tour of Collins Kitchen

The Chef's tour of Collins Kitchen

Once we were seated for dinner, there were two tables of ravenous food bloggers ready to eat!

Table 2 - More hungry bloggers!

Table 2 - More hungry bloggers!

Dinner consisted of course, after course, after course of delicious food, including sushi and sashimi plate, bruscetta and other antipasto dishes, amazing fish & Tbone steak grilled to perfection, Chinese style roast duck, chicken and pork with fried rice, and a selection of desserts including fruit sorbets, chocolate fondant and banana millefeuille.

We’re not expert food photographers like most of the people who were sitting around the table last night, so we will let them post the photos of the meal.

Reviews of the event

We’ll link to the posts as we see them – please leave a comment if you’ve got a post about the dinner you’d like us to link to!

Essjay Eats – “I’ve seen a bit of the “food station” action in Singapore 5 star hotels, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in Australia. I’m keen to return for breakfast /brunch to see the dimsum station in action, and to check out their omelettes.”

The Gourmet Challenge – “The scallops were so good, they looked like fat little pocket of joy, slightly grilled surface with a soft and yielding inside. I would have gladly had a full plate of them.”

Iron Chef Shellie – “I’m sure the kitchen staff were expecting us, but I’m not sure they were expecting 20 people with cameras snapping away like the Queen was in town!”

Food Rehab -“It felt like we were in Willi Wonka Land, only instead of candy, we were surrounded by hanging prosciutto, freshly made sashimi, cheese and what seemed like an endless mount of seafood!”

Jeroxie (Addictive & Consuming) – “There was a moment of silence when this 800 grams of grain fed, dry aged for 30 days porterhouse steak was placed into of us. I felt like I was back in the Flintstone era.”

I Eat Therefore I Am – “The Patisserie Station smelt so good that I was inhaling all the smells and actually didn’t even take a photo. Such is my love for pastry.”

Half-Eaten – “Everyone got rather excited when the fresh wasabi from Tasmania was spotted. Apparently it’ll only set you back $180 a kilo!”

Mel: Hot or Not (Part 1 & Part 2) – “When your kitchen is open to the public, all your ingredients have to be presented in a visually appealing way. I think I might start styling my vegetables in a bamboo steamer and artfully placing mortar and pestles in my kitchen too.”

Thank you!

Big thanks to the Grand Hyatt for feeding us such a lovely meal, and to all the food bloggers who attended. :)

Next time?

We’re happy to say that our first foodie meetup went so well that we’re definitely planning on making this a regular event. And don’t worry Sydney, we’re already thinking about an event to do for the foodies over there too. :)

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  1. Fiona :

    ahh the pressure on the kitchen that day!

    (ps what’s happening in two days??)

  2. penny aka jeroxie :

    Great night everyone. How good was the fresh wasabi and beautiful melt in your mouth tuna sashimi.
    Have managed to only upload 5 photos –
    More to come and of course, will blog ;)
    Till the next time and many thanks to Nuffnang and Hyatt for accommodating us.

  3. Billy :

    Thanks for organising such a great night for us! I think the general consensus was it was a wonderful evening. I haven’t manage to put the words together just yet, but my photos from the evening are already up (it makes things easier when your blogging ethos includes only taking photos using your phone)!

    Looking forward to the next event, and I’ll be in touch soon about hooking up my blogs to Nuffnang!

  4. Sarahstokely :

    Hi Fiona,
    The great thing about an open kitchen is you can see the staff aren’t stressing. :D

    What’s happening in two days? Did I make a typo? I can’t think of anything!


  5. Sarahstokely :

    Hi Penny,
    Great to meet you last night. I agree, the sashimi and the fresh wasabi was a highlight for me too. :)
    Thanks for the photos!


  6. Sarahstokely :

    Thanks Billy! :) Was great to see you. Want me to link to your photos or wait for the words to join them? :)


  7. Fiona :

    @Sarah the blog header/background says 2 more days to go!

  8. Site Admin :

    @Fiona Sorry for the confusion! It’s actually 2 more days until Nuffnang brand turns 3 years old! :)

  9. Karen :

    “Our friends in Sydney might dispute it, but we think the enthusiastic response (and sheer number of photos taken!) at last night’s meetup proved that Melbourne is the foodie capital of Australia.”

    LOL I think you might’ve opened up a can of worms with that one! Clearly you’ve yet to see a gathering of Syd food bloggers at a food event in real life :P

  10. chocolatesuze :

    hehe sydney food bloggers like a challenge!

  11. Fiona :

    ahh cool. Happy Bday in advance Nuffnangers in case I miss it!

  12. Simon Food Favourites :

    looks like a great event. a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen is always a bonus treat. well done for organising. i look forward to hearing about the Sydney visit. As chocolatesuze says we Sydney Bloggers like a challenge and i guarantee our posts will be up faster than Melbourne’s ;-) Bring It On!!! :-)

  13. Sarahstokely :

    @Karen Nothing like a little interstate rivalry to bring out the best in people! ;) To be fair, I haven’t been to a foodie meetup in Sydney, but I’ve had some of the best meals of my life there. Tabou in Surry Hills (looong time ago) and my favourite for a long time, Oscillate Wildly in Newtown (before & after they moved to degustation only). Yum. :)

    @chocolatesuze For sure! :D We’ll try to get something happening Sydneyside soon. :D

    @Simon Thanks – the kitchen tour was pretty awesome. I could have stayed and watched them making sushi all evening! We’ll keep you posted on the Sydney event – the bar’s pretty high now! :D

  14. Iron Chef Shellie :

    My post is up!

    Look me a while to do!

    Thank you very much again for organising such a great event!

  15. Howard :

    Looks like a great success, awesome looking restaurant too. Can’t wait for a Sydney version :D

  16. Sarahstokely :

    @ Shellie Thanks! I’ve added a link to your post. :)

    @Howard We’ll keep you posted on the Sydney event. :)


  17. Pingky Fairy :

    What about the foodie in Adelaide? Lol…

  18. Sarahstokely :

    @Pingky Fairy Hmm, any chance you’ll come to Melbourne this year? :)

  19. sprinklingofspice :

    how about in perth? will there be any meet-ups??

  20. Adrian @ Food Rehab :

    My post is up! Had to cut this post down heaps! LOL

    Happy Birthday and many thanks for the yummy evening!!!Looking forward to the next event.

  21. penny aka jeroxie :

    Post is finally up!
    Thanks for the beautiful event and looking forward to the next one and one and one.

    Happy Birthday Nuffies!

  22. Thanh :

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for organising the dinner. It was a great night, loved meeting all the bloggers and trying out the food at Collins Kitchen.

    Here’s my account of the night


  23. Billy :

    Oh hey, I’m guessing you know, because you guys already retweeted me, but my post went up on Sunday:

    Thanks again,


  24. Sarahstokely :

    @SprinkingofSpice I definitely want to organise some meetups in Perth, but they may be meetups for all bloggers, rather than foodie specific – it depends on how much interest we have! Will keep you posted.

    @Adrian Thanks! I’ve added the link to our post.

    @Penny Thanks! I’ve added your link to our post.

    @Thanh Thank you! Added your link to our post.

    @Billy Thanks! I’ve updated our post with your link.

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  26. essjayeats :

    Thanks for a great evening guys – it was such fun to be around a table of slightly food crazed bloggers!

  27. Sarahstokely :

    Thanks for coming along, essjay! I’ve added a link to your post. Cheers!

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  29. vk :

    I’m definitely coming to the next one!

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