A Christmas Promotion for Nuffnang Bloggers!

In the spirit of Christmas, we are running a promotion for NEW and EXISTING Nuffnang bloggers!

We are looking to kick start your Nuffnang $$ account with 50 Nuffnang bloggers!

We are giving away $500 shared across the FIRST 50 Nuffnang bloggers and a $549 Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9 to a lucky Nuffnang blogger with the best post!

The Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9 is the latest Netbook with it’s super ease in portability, wireless connection, and usability. Check out the features here.

Nuffnang Christmas Promo

Hurry because the competition ends on Christmas Day, 25th December 2008!

This is how it works:

Sign up to Nuffnang if you haven’t already!

The FIRST 50 Nuffnang bloggers to write a post on their blog about Nuffnang receives $10 straight into their Nuffnang account.

The post in your blog must accurately consist of the following:

– Embed our Nuffnang Christmas themed logo:

Nuffnang Christmas Logo

– What is Nuffnang about? Here is a hint, read our blog!

– Nuffnang is looking for all Australian bloggers, big and small, to join our growing Nuffnang blogger community. :)

– What do you like about Nuffnang? This could be one of features, our initiatives, or just great people!

– Share the love! Links to 3 other bloggers who have signed with Nuffnang in Australia. If you don’t know any, ask your blog’s readers or blogger friends to sign up!

– Don’t forget links to Nuffnang.

– Lastly, tell Nuffnang Santa why you need to have the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9!
Because it’s portable so you can blog live?
– Or your best inspiration comes from unusual places?
– You can hide from your kids?
– Or just need your own because your kids says you are a blogger addict that hogs the family computer!

The more creative, funny, related to your blog, and Nuffnang it is, the better your chances are for the Nuffnang Santa to choose you!

Once you have written it, submit a comment with your blog’s link below this post for all other Nuffnangers to check it out!

Nuffnang Santa will also visit your blog post and have the ultimate say in who will win the Dell Inspiron Mini 9! The first 50 correct submissions will also receive $10 into their Nuffnang account.

Hurry because entries close 12am, 25th December 2008.

The winner of the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9 (value $549) will be announced on Christmas Day, 25th December 2008! The first 50 blogs will also be announced on Tuesday, 5th of January.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Nuffnang Santa’s team of Elves

Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Tina :

    What an awesome contest!!
    I’ve written my post here:

  2. Louisa :

    I’ve written my post! Does that mean I am eligible for $10. How exciting!! Link is

  3. Louisa :

    Oh & I’ll get back to write a post to Nuffnang Santa as a laptop would be a dream come true for me!

  4. Samuel Jovanou :

    Hey guys, thanks for the opportunity!
    I had already blogged about you guys in a similar manner a few weeks ago, but decided to do it again, because it was such a fun opportunity blogging about something I love!
    Anyways, I’ve linked the link to my post in my blog up there and I’ll put it here too :D

    Cheers, Sam J

  5. jase :

    Just posted an entry about NUFFNANG !!!

    Please, please, make me WIN :)

    Cheers :)

  6. Grace Lee :

    I just woke up from my nap… and How nice to wake up a COMPETITION! Woohoo… so so… excited!


    ….Cos…. I always wear clean undies like my mum tells me to, and WHEN I eat at Maccas…. I eat a Garden salad with my Double Big Mac and fries. :)

  7. admin :

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Looking good!

    Just a few early tips…

    – Don’t forget to publish your post URL in your comments!
    – Don’t forget to link to 3 other Nuffnang bloggers. Share the love!
    – When writing why you should Nuffnang Santa should give you the netbook over other bloggers… be creative, think how getting this netbook will benefit your blog, relate it to your blog, funny, and Nuffnang flavour!
    – Be sure to double check you have all the above requirements for your post. We don’t want to disappoint bloggers when they are not eligible for the $10 because they didn’t include what is required in each post.

    Most importantly… have fun! :)

  8. Alexan :

    Thanks for the invitation

    aint very interested in the laptop n stuff BUT
    still posted for u guys!
    keep it up =)

    PS: does Nuffnang santa give prezzies? dun mind having two santas =)


  9. Kelly :

    All done!

    You can read it here if you like :)


  10. gracie :

    hey, what happens if I don’t have any links from Australian bloggers yet? Can I include ppl I don’t know?? Please advise.

  11. Nadine Tey :

    This was pretty fun to write about! :)
    Good luck to everyone for the contest!

  12. Chi Khing :

    Here are the posts:

  13. Eugene :

    Hello Nuffnang Australia,

    Thanks for including me in the mailing list for the Christmas competition.

    I’d written a post about this on my blogs:

    I am new to blogging and Australia, however, let me know if there’s anything i can help with.



  14. Louisa :

    I had to move my post because I was contravening another contract keeping it where it was. Whoops! It’s in a better palce now, a blog for Aussie bloggers – you can find it here:

  15. ehon :

    Here we go, Santa!

  16. Gwenzilla :

    I’ve written my post!


  17. Gracie :

    Hey everyone, this is it:

    Dell Mini 9 is so cool!

    Wondering if I can make my New Zealand trip come true?


    Nice to meet everyone! :D

  18. admin :

    Hi Nuffnangers!

    Thanks for the entries and what a fantastic response in the last 24 hours. Very funny and very creative. We are definitely looking to recruit more Australian bloggers to Nuffnang so please ask your friends, brothers, sisters, mums, dads and grandparents to sign up! :)

    Happy Friday! :)

  19. rachel :

    done and DONERS!

    yayy~ moneyyy and theslimpossibilityofadellinspiron! i like the sound of that~ ;)


    GL to everyone!

  20. Alexan :

    opps, sorry for the double comment
    forgot to leave my link >.

  21. michy :

    Yippppee! I’m done with my post. :D

    Merry Xmas and good luck all! :)

  22. Grace Lee :


    I’ve been so GOOD Santa NuffNang that I just thought I’d add this…:) Don’t worry I know it won’t count hence all the stuff I was suppose to do but just didn’t and it is my 2nd entry but Heck… I have too much time on my hands today… hehehehe

    Check it!


  23. Tim :


    I’ve told all my freinds, but that wont help much so hope the promotion works well and we get heaps more Australian bloggers joining Nuffnang.

    I’ve done my post it’s on my site at



  24. ESN :

    Great contest guys. My post can be found at:

  25. C :

    Hey guys, I’m done with my post. Kinda customized it to suit my readers as well.
    I also randomly linked 3 of you (Hope yall dont mind!)

    Had heaps of fun doing the quirky post, hope its creative enough!
    (pssssssst, cash and dell! cash and dell!)

    Nice meeting everyone, have a Happy Christmas! (:
    (Just click on the Name for the Link)

  26. Grace Koay :

    Please forward this letter to Santa Nuffie!

    Thank you.


  27. may :

    Here it goes into the Nuffnang Santa Mailbox

    All the best everyone!

  28. Hazel :

    Hey there!
    I have also wrote my post yesterday!

    Merry X’mas


  29. Sophia Wong :

    Me! Me! Me!



  30. aLex :

    Gd Day,

    You can check it out here – ^_^


  31. Jhermie Ortega :

    Dear NuffNang,

    Here’s my post about your exciting Christmas Promo!

    Thanks and Merry X’mas! :)

  32. Leila :

    A truly astounding contest!

  33. Janette Toral :

    Here is my entry
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  34. Leila :

    Here is the link to my entry. Sorry I forgot to include it in my previous comment.

  35. Marilyn Jayagan :

    Merry Christmas to all

    Here is my entry,

    it feels great to join this contest

    thank you

  36. Marilyn Jayagan :

    Merry Christmas to all

    Here is my entry, please check it out

    it feels great to join this contest

  37. tienyi :

    i’m doneee! this post took me like four hours :/

    merry christmas everyone!

  38. Estelle :

    how much I love nuffnang (:

    lol! all done blogging! do visit ;

  39. The Writer 2006 :

    Here’s my contribution:

    Congratulations on the Aussie launch!

  40. NGPriest :

    Finally found time to work on it
    Check it out at:

  41. Lillian! :

  42. Jessica Ng :

  43. whojen :

    Just joined nuffnang australia

    Just want to say
    Way to go nuffnang australia

  44. theaussiezombie :

    check it out~

    Cheers! :)

  45. Kriz Leong :

    Here’s me, trying again to send this through!

  46. chocolatesuze :

    Hey guys! heres mine:

  47. theaussiezombie :

    oops, just realised should have put the specific link:

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