Uncle Tobys Oats – Quick Sachets

A Nuffnang Product Talk Opportunity

Hello Nuffnangers!
We have an exclusive Product Talk opportunity for you.
Looking for a fuss-free breakfast option to make busy mornings easier?
Ready in 90 seconds, Uncle Tobys Quick Sachet Oats are a quick, mess-free way to enjoy the filling goodness of oats.

Thanks to the fabulous people at Uncle Tobys, we will be giving a whopping 25 bloggers the chance to trial  2 x flavours of Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets and write about their experience!

You’ll receive two boxes of product, containing any of the following yummy flavours (chosen at random).

1 x Creamy Honey (12 sachet box)
1 x Fruit Variety Pack (12 sachet box)
1 x Berry Variety Pack (12 sachet box)

To review the above:

• You have to be a part of Nuffnang and have a Nuffnang Ad Unit on your blog
.• Email your blog URLfull name and mailing address with the subject line NN/UncleTobys to by 5pm AEST Friday, 18 July 2014.
• We will contact the 25 most relevant bloggers that opt in and at the same time, send the product out to you to review!
• Once you have written up and published the review on your blog, please once again, email the URL to
Danielle Willatt
Nuffnang Community Team

In the modern day, there are few who are strangers to the selfie. Oxford English Dictionary describes the (in?)famous snap as, “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” But the question isn’t so much what a selfie is, but how to take the best selfie!

From practiced poses, interesting backgrounds, ultimate lighting, and even the occasional duckface, taking a selfie has become a work of art.

Selfie gif via MashablePhoto Cred: Mashable

Our friends at Huawei are firm believers that nothing should get in the way of a great selfie, and have gone so far as to design a smartphone to help you capture the perfect selfie! With its 5MP front-facing camera that includes preview screen window, auto-scene recognition and auto-facial enhancement, the Huawei Ascend G6 4G smartphone will make sure you’re always looking your best! Also a crazy first, this phone has voice-activated shooting technology! Imagine for a moment how easy it would be to strike a pose if you can take photos hands-free! The camera also features an 88 degree ultra wide-angle lens that makes group selfies a million times easier. Just think of how many more celebs Ellen could have fit in this famous frame with a wider lens!

ellen oscar selfiePhoto Cred: Ellen DeGeneres

We think bloggers know best when it comes to snapping selfies, and now is your chance to show it! Thanks to Huawei, two lucky Nuffnang bloggers are going to win a sleek and stylish Huawei Ascend G6 4G smartphone.

Here’s how to win:

1) Take a selfie and share it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. (Make sure the post is public to be counted)

2) Tag the photo with #HelloHuaweiG6 and @NuffnangAU

3) The two most creative selfies submitted by 11:59pm AEST 4th August win a Huawei Ascend G6 4G smartphone!


Full Terms and Conditions

The winning photos will gain selfie stardom and will be shared across Nuffnang’s social channels. Get creative and get snapping!

selfie line (2)Photo credits from left to right: Cristina Otero / Senju-Hime, via Kate Spade Origin Unknown, Creative ReviewAki Hoshide



Nuffnang Community Team

Nuffnang supports the Australian blogging community to create, engage and share information. As blogging is a young marketplace with limited rules and regulations, Nuffnang believes it is up to the community as a whole to shape a successful future for the blogosphere and help grow its sustainable future.

As Australia’s largest blogging community, we actively support all bloggers, large and small, to blog about their passions and interests. Nuffnang doesn’t condone unethical behaviour when it comes to the blogging community or working with agencies and brands.

In the nearly six years Nuffnang has been facilitating campaigns between bloggers and brands, we’re proud to say the bloggers we’ve worked with have shown exceptional professionalism and work ethic and their work has really shaped the power and influence of this industry.

To maintain this professionalism and cement it for the industry, Nuffnang Australia will be developing a Blogging Code of Ethics.

Nuffnang believes the blogging industry has matured and now is the time to cement what we as a community feel is the right way to engage online, with one another, and with brands and agencies to ensure a viable and sustainable future for us all.

We as a community have the power to shape our sustainable future. Bloggers will decide this future and Nuffnang is actively encouraging input to this Code of Ethics from every member of the Australian blogging community.

Nuffnang wishes to collaborate with all bloggers to draft this document which will guide blogging behaviour and activity in this country and promote and foster positive and professional engagement.

Nuffnang Australia will not be supporting bloggers financially or otherwise who actively seek to discourage the values and ethics formulated in collaboration with the community.

To collaborate with Nuffnang Australia on the drafting of the Blogging Code of Ethics, Nuffnang encourages you to email with your ideas, thoughts, opinions and input.

Thank you to all of you who make this community the wonderful, colourful and collaborative place that it is. We appreciate every one of you, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can further strengthen the Australian blogger community.

- Felicity Grey
Nuffnang Australia Managing Director

Felicity Grey
Nuffnang Community Team

Remember our #brothatsnotok posts?

At Nuffnang, most of our staff are women and it is unthinkable that in this day and age women are still being oppressed in so many ways. 

Did you know that…



UN Women urges everyone to learn how to identify what violence against women is and how to seek help for those who do not have the strength to do so.

Men and women alike should UNiTE to End Violence Against Women, you can share your thoughts on their official Facebook page or leave us a comment.

You can also join the cause here at and most importantly, SHARE THIS with all your friends; let’s make the world a better place for men AND women alike J


Nuffnang Community Team

We have an exclusive Product Talk opportunity for you.

To get the word out about their new range of products with Colour Guard technology, Radiant has undergone the ultimate challenge. The video series, Radiant Return, shows two young guys purchasing new clothes and subjecting them to 14 real-life “torture tests”, which range from pig feeding to paintball and making pasta sauce with Italian nonnas. The clothes are then washed with Radiant before being packed up and returned to the same retail stores they were bought from!

Don’t believe us? Check out the torture tests for yourself.

Thanks to the fabulous people at Radiant, we will be giving 15 bloggers the chance to trial 1 x Radiant Colour Guard product themselves.

Bloggers will be sent one of the Radiant products from the list below:

No Sort Powder
No Sort Liquid
No Sort Capsules
Sensitive Liquid
Sensitive Powder

See how Radiant stacks up in your own test!

Radiant has also kindly supplied 1 x $50 Big W voucher per blog to give away in each product talk post!

product image - edm

To review the above product:

• You have to be a part of Nuffnang and have a Nuffnang Ad Unit on your blog.

• Email your blog URL, full name and mailing address with the subject line NN/Radiant to by 5pm AEST Tuesday, 17 June 2014.

• We will contact the 15 most relevant bloggers that opt in and at the same time, send a product out to you to review!

• Once you have written up and published the review on your blog, please once again, email the URL to

Nuffnang Community Team

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 11.39.55 AM

Oh eBay Collections, the things we’ve seen.
You’re full of products of which I dream.
There are the Collections with Mini Mouse,
And others that feature a cubby house.
You have products to fill a dress-up box
And the very cute Fantastic Mister Fox

You cater for the Frozen princess,
And you provide gifts to impress.
You offer not only cheap make up
But many a humorous coffee cup!
Then there’s the gorgeous lingerie
and a very drinkable cabernet.

As your project co-coordinator,
I’ve viewed Collections like a gladiator.
I‘ve seen top Holiday destinations
and some chocolate degustation
Beautiful exotic fancy hand cream
And products for a fresh vegie steam.

Collections have seen us in the Wild Wild West
And shopping outfits for a
music fest
We mouth-watered through Everything Bacon
And the interesting Salt and Pepper shakin’
There were the very sweet Honeybees
And some Collections of plants and trees

So many accessories to help with learning
And thousands of gadgets for which I’m yearning
Multiple varieties of exercise bikes
And even the boy with the lightning strike
You can sleep out in a Volkswagen
And own a Game Of Thrones dragon

Together we’ve seen African décor
and some classic sail and anchor
Your users can browse bathroom sinks
And pretty kitchens of colour pink
There’s an outfit for getting fit,
But also a new place to sit.

There are colourful Children’s books
And the best accessories for home cooks
You cater for the outdoor explorer
And can offer new hats Fedora
You organise birthday parties for the kids
And provide a new baby’s bibs

Whether we crave a Loom band
Or a house near the sand
If it’s a new steam punk watch
Or a fancy glass for a nip of scotch
With you, dear eBay Collections
We can have the lot

A perfect mask for a Masquerade Ball
Or just simply fashion for Fall
I have to say; together old friend…
We have seen to the end.
As Nuffnang and Collections draws to a close
I bid you adieu with this awful prose.

Erin Hogan
Nuffnang Community Team

Instagram @Nuffnang

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