Introducing eBay Collections!

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eBay Australia is launching a new feature, eBay Collections! eBay Collections is a platform for users to mix and match products from around a theme or passion. eBay Collections allows users to create profiles, and build ‘Collections’ filled with interesting items found on eBay.

Nuffnang and eBay have teamed up to find 400 of Australia’s best tastemakers, influencers and bloggers to have exclusive first access to the new platform, to create their own eBay Collections. Whether you’re into the latest on-trend homewares, bright and colourful nail art, sleek leather bags, or all the smart phone accessories you can handle, Nuffnang and eBay want Collections from you!

Love photography? Show us your favourite lenses, lights, or props. Are you a fan of mountain climbing? Create a Collection of all the gear you’ll want for that dream trip up Everest. eBay Collections gives you the opportunity to create your ultimate wish list for immediately shoppable items. We want to see all those little things that help to make up your passion and hobbies!

To be considered for this exclusive launch campaign all you need is a valid, Australian eBay account. As part of this trial, you will be required to create 5 Collections, each containing a minimum of 12 products per collection, which will be used to launch eBay Collections on April 30th 2014.

Collections need to be stylistic, creative and tasteful. The best Collections could be selected to feature on the eBay Today page, which is updated weekly and will serve as a platform to showcase new and exciting Collections. You and your Collections might also be featured throughout the website and across their various social media networks. Once you’ve registered your interest in participating, we will send you a simple step by step How To Guide which will help you to build your fantastic Collections.

As part of this VIP Nuffnang opportunity, your Collections will earn you $100 – just for sharing your passions with eBay!

Follow the link to our registration page to sign up or for more information!

Erin Hogan
Nuffnang Community Team

Bloggers go to Market

This weekend, Nuffnang bloggers got to attend a behind-the-scenes tour of the South Melbourne Market. From quirky to delicious, we saw it all! Our wonderful tour guide led us through the labyrinth of stalls on a busy Saturday morning, guiding the group to show off some of the market’s best kept secrets. As Victoria’s oldest market, there was much to see and do! Bloggers got to chat with many vendors (some even third generation veterans of the market!), sample lots of delicious food, and enjoyed some laughs along the way.

In an unseasonably warm autumn day, it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

Thanks everyone who attended, and massive thank you to South Melbourne Market for hosting!

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Photo via Nazneen of

Elle of Cherry and Me, Monica of Thoughts of  Moni, Hayley of Bits of Now, Nikita of NJT Blogger, Nazneen of Neensynaye, Erin of Baby Beauty & Body, Valissa of Nuffnang, Kate of The Foodie Librarian, Jan of Sprouts and Squats, Claire of Almost Skinny Vegan Food. Not pictured: John and Delphine of Gastrology








Thanks again everyone who joined us and South Melbourne Market for hosting! If you’re a blogger or a brand interested in hosting a blogger meetup, get in touch!

Nuffnang Community Team

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Thanks everyone who joined us for our 7-day, “007″ themed birthday! Nuffnang is proud to have been rocking the blogosphere since 2007, and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

What’s a birthday without presents? Adding to the celebrations, we had some amazing businesses sponsor some “secret weapons” and great giveaways.

A special thank you to our prize sponsors!
Lust Have It
High Sierra
Kitchenware Superstore
Rainbird Clothing
Mad Mex

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to our prize winners:

NN007 Winners

Thank you for 7 amazing years and a fantastic birthday celebration!

Nuffnang Community Team

Celebrate Nuffnang’s 7th Birthday!

Nuffnang has been rocking the blogosphere for 7 years!

In that time, our community of Aussie bloggers has grown to nearly 7,000.

 To celebrate this septenary milestone on 27th Feb, we’re leading NN bloggers on a secret mission… 007 style!

Every day for 7 days, we’ll be giving away some amazing prizes.
Just solve the “mystery” to WIN

Look for the ’007′ app on the Nuffnang Facebook page, where a question will be posted daily between 27th Feb – 7th March. To help you solve the mystery, “clues” will be shared across Nuffnang’s Twitter and Instagram throughout the day with the hashtag #Nuffnangis007

Join us in celebrating Nuffnang’s 7th birthday, secret agent style!

Nuffnang Australia's Secret Agent 007 Blogger Birthday

Terms and Conditions

Nuffnang Community Team

Best Practice for Display Advertising on a Blog

There are a couple of things that really annoy me when I’m online:

  1. Awesome Buzzfeed lists that don’t apply to me (but I reaaaaallllly want them to)
  2. People who chronically over hashtag #healthy #food #leaf #salad #green #instafood #instashutupwegetit
  3. Crap, spammy display ads encouraging me to find out which ’6 foods I should never eat again’

I’m sure you can all agree with me on the last point. The display ad has earned itself quite a reputation for being notoriously annoying in the last few years. However, despite many people claiming the demise of display advertising, I urge you to reconsider the humble display banner and its potential as an effective and useful advertising tool.

Best practice for display advertising on a blog: Where to put your ads, how to get relevant campaigns | Nuffnang Australia

The problem with banner ads

Embarrassingly, banner ads have often been associated with the words “spammy”, “disruptive” and “irrelevant”. The key challenge of an advertiser is to pair clever, creative messaging and effective targeting to reach and elicit a response from the right audience.

Where do we, as bloggers, come in then? Undoubtedly, the first step to monetising our blogs should be to consider where we could provide value to an advertiser. Here are some key considerations that bloggers who offer display advertising should take.

1. Ad Unit Placement 

An ad unit that is poorly positioned would almost guarantee a less than ideal response. How can we ensure our audience is seeing and interacting with a display ad on our blogs?

Now, we’d never ask you to ruin the beautiful aesthetic you have going on with your blog and turn it into an ad-plastered billboard. However, with some intelligent placement and a little coding wizardry, you can implement an additional one or two ad units without taking away from the style of your blog.

It’s all about the banner placement, and to do it effectively, you need to put banners (not to mention all your good stuff, headings, links to your social profiles etc.) where readers’ gazes naturally falls. This is where the F Reading layout comes into play.

 F Reading pattern (see illustrated example below)

  1. Visitors start at the top left of the page.
  2. Then they scan the top of the site (navigation, subscription, search, etc.)
  3. Next they move down, reading the next full row of content… all the way to the sidebar.
  4. Finally, readers enter a “scanning pattern” once they hit the bulk of the site content.

F reading pattern

Implementing this sort of set up will certainly help when it comes to the flow of your blog, and that should translate to additional clicks on any display ads you’re running (whether they be Nuffnang, Google or self-managed).

2. Knowing your audience

The more insight you are able to offer on your audience, the better. Engaging with your readership is great way to uncover specific reader preferences and deduce how your audience would react to different brands and advertisers.

Nuffnang ads are mostly targeted; meaning ads are allocated on the basis of a particular vertical. Choosing the right category verticals for your blog means you’ll be helping us determine if a display ad is relevant to your blog audience. Examples of category verticals are things like “fashion”, “sport”, “technology”, or “food”. You can choose these by completing or updating your Blogger Survey within your Nuffnang account.

Our Ad Ops team uses these category verticals to assign you relevant ad campaigns. While most of the time categories give us enough info to ensure the ads are very relevant, you always have the option of declining a campaign if it’s not a fit for your audience.

Nuffnang Banner Advertising

Nuffnang runs a display unit on every blog that signs up to the network. These ad units serve two purposes:

  1. They provide us with a means to measure your blog traffic (we love seeing how your readership is growing)
  2. They allow us to run display advertising on your blogs. Which earns you $$.

We offer three banner sizes at Nuffnang:

  1. 160×300 or 160×600 (a.k.a standard steve) or Halfsky/sky-scraper
  2. 300×250 (a.k.a the big square one) or M-Rec
  3. 728×90 (the long rectangular one) or Leaderboard

Bloggers are only required to install any one ad unit size on their blogs, however, the more ad units installed, the higher the potential for us to allocate you display campaigns.

For more information on the different Nuffnang banner ads and how they work, please refer to this blog post.


Happy blogging!


Nuffnang Community Team

Product Talk – Pepsi Next!

Hi Nuffnangers!

With the long weekend rolling around, we have an exciting new Product Talk opportunity for you that’s perfect for summer!

Are you ready for the next generation of Cola? Say hello to Pepsi Next


Containing 30% less sugar than regular Pepsi, Pepsi Next is the first Cola in Australia to be sweetened naturally with Stevia - thus reducing the calorie content without compromising that ‘serious cola taste’.

Thanks to the fabulous people at Pepsi, we will be giving 15 bloggers the chance to trial a sample pack of 4 x cans of Pepsi Next.


To review the above product:

• You have to be a part of Nuffnang and have a Nuffnang Ad Unit on your blog.

• Email your blog URL and mailing address with the subject line NN/PepsiNext to by 5pm AEDST Monday, 3 Feb.

• We will contact the 15 most relevant bloggers that opt in and at the same time, send the product out for you to review!

• Once you have written up and published the review on your blog, please once again, email the URL to

Danielle Willatt
Nuffnang Community Team

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