We all know how easy it is to slip into the trap of distraction, and lose productivity..especially when there’s something important to get done.

Whether you work from home, have deadlines creeping up or just need to buckle down and organise your life, here are our top seven tips for keeping up your productivity with a little help from some of our Bloggerati influencers.

1. Wake up early

Waking up early is linked to mental health, success, happiness and an overall increase in positive thinking throughout the day. According to a study conducted in 2008 by biologist Christoph Randler; people who wake up early tend to be more proactive and better decision makers than those who sleep late. Waking up early will also give you time to mentally set out your goals and what you want to achieve for the day.

So it’s true what they say; the early bird does get the worm. Rising early also leaves time in the morning for our next point…

2. Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast has been known to increase daily cognitive function and help you to stay focused for longer. Eating breakfast will provide you with the energy you need to get through your daily tasks with ease and lead you to a happier life. Don’t skip the most important meal of the day, nothing gets in your way on the road to success more than a grumbling stomach!

Jump over to and check out some breakfast recipes for days when a bowl of cereal just won’t cut it.

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3. Make a to-do list

The Life Creative touches on the usefulness of setting out daily tasks and weekly to-do lists in his post “the truth about working from home ”. Setting out a to-do list will help you keep track of all the tasks you need to get done for the day and crossing them off sure does make you feel accomplished! Some say effort breeds success, here at Nuffnang we say organisation is the key to success.

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4. Exercise

We all know that physical activity releases endorphins and ultimately puts us in a good mood. Getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day will help boost your mood and clear your head so you can approach your daily tasks from a different perspective. Whether you exercise in the morning as a jump-start to your day or in the evening to decompress after a stressful day, give it a go and you’ll notice the difference, we promise.

If you’re looking for something new to try, head over to KX Studios for a Yoga session. Check out Melbourne Girl’s post “KX Yoga Challenge” to read about her experience.

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5. Break up your day

We’ve all been there, you’ve stared at something for too long and it’s starting to turn in to gibberish. Taking short breaks throughout the day can help increase your energy and stamina, if your brain starts to snooze go get a cup of tea and refocus. Why not use this time as an excuse for food, go for a wander and check out some café’s, get a coffee or two… or three. Sitting in one spot doing one thing for too long is enough to drain anybody.

6. Stay Hydrated

Bloggerati influencer Amber Renae suggests staying hydrated throughout the day to achieve maximum brain capacity in her blog post “My top 3 hacks for working from home” and we agree. Even minor dehydration can influence the quality of your mood and cognitive functionality. As little as 3% dehydration can slow your reaction time to the same extent as having a 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content. Want to stay sharp and alert? It’s simple, drink water.

7. Schedule

Much like setting out a to-do list scheduling your time will help you stay on top of tasks and ensure that you get the most out of your day. Start by allotting yourself a certain chunk of time for each task you want to get done and set aside distractions (here’s looking at you Facebook). Life Love and Hiccups gives some pointers on scheduling and other ways to keep you on track and organised in her post titled “Organise Your Life”.

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We hope these simple tips help keep your productivity levels in check !

Words by: Alice Veal

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

With Mother’s Day, one of the most important days of the year now less than a week away, we here at Nuffnang AU have collated the best articles from our Bloggerati to help you spoil mum!

Our Local Guide to Mother’s Day rounds up the best of the best from our talent influencers. From treats to decorations and easy craft ideas, the Local Guide has you covered for Sunday May 8.

Below we have chosen some of our favourite ideas from the Bloggerati to ensure mum is feeling the love:

1. Melbourne Girl’s Online Gift Guide

Melbourne Girl has done the hard work for you, putting together a guide to ensure buying a gift for mum is as easy and fun as possible. Shop straight from your couch and scroll through Melbourne Girl’s picks for every mum.


2.  My Poppet’s Best Mother’s Day High Tea in Melbourne

Cintia from My Poppet features a delectable array of the best High Teas in Melbourne for Mother’s Day.

From Melbourne institutions like the Windsor and Langham Hotels to High Teas with a twist at Market Lane Bar and the National Gallery of Victoria, Cintia has featured something for every mum – even the ones who would prefer a cocktail over a cup of tea!


3. Be a Fun Mum’s Mother’s Day Pansies in a Mug

Kelly from Be a Fun Mum has the perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day, with her crafty and colourful Mother’s Day Pansies. Get the kids involved to create a living gift that Mum can eat too – did you know pansies were edible?


For instructions on how to create Kelly’s pansies, where to find Cintia’s high tea hotspots and where to get the perfect online gift for mum according to Melbourne Girl, head to our Local Guide to Mother’s Day today!

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team

As we head into our last month of autumn, winter is only just around the corner..

We love winter for a number of reasons, snuggling up in front of the heater, hot chocolates and hearty warming food, but for some winter isn’t always so blissful.


As the colder months roll in so to do the issues that accompany the chilly weather. For those that suffer from allergies and asthma, the cold humid weather can be an absolute nightmare. Increased risk of cold and flu can send asthma sufferers into severe attacks.

For those with allergies we understand that it can be the bane of your existence. That cute dog is an absolute no-go zone unless you are ready to deal with hives and an itchy, tight throat. You can expect to be asked if you are crying multiple times when hay fever hits and pollen is in the air. Whilst not much can compare to the advice of your pharmacist or regular doctor, there are steps and strategies you can implement to help manage allergies and asthma.


Sensitive Choice is your go-to for allergy tips and information that may help you to reduce the effects of asthma or allergies for you or your children.

Two of our Influencers Helen Edwards from Recycled Interiors and Cintia Gonzalez from My Poppet took at look at some information from Sensitive Choice ahead of the cold season, and have created two wonderful blog posts jam packed with handy tips.

A few to keep in mind this winter are..

  • Make the most of natural ventilation and lighting. Sunshine can help to banish those pesky dust mites.Understand what triggers your allergies and asthma and be sure to follow steps to avoid exposure to these triggers as best you can.
  • Take note of the surfaces and and furnishings in your home in order to understand how to eliminate dust.
  • Head to the doctors – before the cold and flu season arrives there is no harm in giving your doctor a visit to review your asthma and get a flu vaccination.

Now whilst many have lived their entire lives dealing with the stress and upset of allergies and asthma, there are others that (luckily) haven’t been as exposed and know very little about how to deal with the issues when they arise.

The Sensitive Choice website provides information, advice, product recommendations and checklists that will assist you and your family with staying in tip top health, ready to enjoy and embrace everything life has to offer.


Stay in touch with Sensitive Choice 

To stay in touch with Sensitive Choice and keep up to date with the latest news and facts about allergies, asthma as well as product info and exclusive offers from Sensitive Choice® partners, be sure to sign up to the monthly eNewsletter.

Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team


Happy Monday ! 

Many of you may already be aware, but we have some great news to share with you!

It comes as no surprise that blog readers are increasingly using mobile devices to access and browse the web, here are some stats to give you a clearer picture


To embrace this, we have now worked out a way to improve the Nuffnang mobile ads to better help you earn from banner traffic!

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should put up these new mobile ads and get cracking!

1. Gain an increased accuracy in site traffic measurement

While our current display banner units are excellent in tracking web traffic from desktop, they may not necessarily show up on mobile, especially if you’re using the Skyscraper unit and a mobile-optimised web template.

With the new mobile ad unit, a tiny closeable ad will appear when your site is viewed on a mobile device


 2. Monetize your mobile traffic with minimal effort

Implementing the mobile ad unit is just as easy as implementing your display banner unit! No rocket science involved


Log into your Nuffnang account, head to ‘Manage Blogs’, and simply click on ‘Add Mobile Ad’ and follow the instructions.

Let the mobile ad unit do its thing as you continue to blog away!

P.S. For Tumblr, do note that the mobile ad will not show up if you have selected their default mobile theme.


Adriana Barro
Nuffnang Community Team


Here at Nuffnang AU, we love supporting bloggers and independent retailers. This is why we are very excited to be informing you of the Sydney Market’s Blogger Awards!

• Are you based in NSW or the ACT?
• Community local shopper or do you love to support local small businesses?
• Do you love writing about all things fresh, flavourful or stylish?

The Sydney Markets Blog Awards recognise bloggers who have created insightful and interesting stories about an independent greengrocer and/or florist, highlighting the seasonal fresh produce or flowers that they work with. The awards draw attention to the contribution of bloggers who, by sharing their passion for fresh produce with their audiences through their blogs and social media channels, encourage support for independent fresh produce and flower retailers.

As part of the Fresh Awards, Sydney Markets will present two Blog Awards. These awards will recognise bloggers who have created insightful and interesting stories about an independent greengrocer and/or florist, highlighting the seasonal fresh produce or flowers that they work with. The awards draw attention to the contribution of bloggers who, by sharing their passion for fresh produce with their audiences through their blogs and social media channels, encourage support for independent fresh produce and flower retailers.

(Photo Credit: Wild Flower Arrangement via Avenue)

There is two-award categories, the Greengrocer Story and the Florist Story. Enter the competition by writing a blog post telling your Greengrocer Story or Florist Story – we’d love to hear about your favourite experience with a local retailer of fresh fruit and veg, or blossoming bouquets. Use the hashtag #thefreshawards, make sure it’s in first person of course (it’s your story we want to hear, after all!), and if your content goes live by March 31st, you’re in the running!

$2,500 worth of prizes to be won in each blog category and the lucky winners will each receive:
• $1,000 cash
• $1,000 worth of fresh produce or flowers over 12 months
• A paid commission to write two stories to be published by Sydney Markets

Blog criteria:
Entries must be;
• Written in a personalised style
• Written in the first person
• Written about a NSW/ACT greengrocer, independent retailer of fresh fruit and vegetables, florist, fresh flowers
• Promoted through the blogger’s social media channels with the hashtag #thefreshawards.
• Entries close 31 March 2016

So why not get rewarded for doing what you love? Show us your writing chops, bloggers! We can’t wait to see what you come up with! For T&C and more information on Sydney Market’s Blogger Awards visit:

(Photo Credit: The Sydney Market’s Blog Awards)
TJ Jaycobs
Nuffnang Community Team

What a week it was! With a whopping three parties in three states in just two days, the team at Nuffnang have had a whirlwind of celebrations with our White Christmas X DAYRE Launch parties across Australia.

To celebrate the year that was with our Bloggerati and Nuffnang Community bloggers, we introduced the new micro-blogging app DAYRE to our Australian shores with a selection of wine, canapés, and our most gorgeous white outfits. Did you make it to one of our White Christmas parties?



We kicked things off on Wednesday with our Melbourne event, graciously hosted by Maeve Fox in Richmond. With guests a-plenty and goodies galore, the Nuffnang team loved meeting our wonderful community members and chatting about all things blogging! Special appearances from our Bloggerati members Candice (Vintage Current), Debs (Learn With Play At Home), Imogen (Inside Out Style) and Rachel (Sesame Ellis) were also abound.


And what’s a Christmas party without Christmas pressies?! Thanks to the teams over at Lush, Dr Bronner, Bounce, Hello Hair, Keep Cup and Crabtree & Evelyn for spoiling us!



Thursday night was go-time, with both our Sydney and Brisbane events taking place simultaneously. Elissa and Olivia from our Sydney office did an amazing job hosting the NSW event, a soiree which took place at the wonderful Pyrmont Bridge Hotel overlooking the beautiful Darling Harbour. Spotted at the Pyrmont – Bloggerati member Sarah (LoveSwah)!




Sydneysiders were gifted with gorgeous Glasshouse candles, mementos sure to light up Christmas moments shared with loved ones this holiday season.


And finally, Brisbane blogger babes were thrown an event at the stunning newly-refreshed venue Darling & Co. Complete with delectable macarons and essentials gifted from The Body Shop, Brissy enjoyed a night of mingling and merriment. Erin and Hannah from our Melbourne office flew up to host the evening’s proceedings, and loved meeting members from our Queensland blogging community!


Remember that if you haven’t yet, you can download the DAYRE app on your smartphone for free from the app store. Posting a series of simple micro-updates as your day goes by is all you need to get started. Choose between writing a blurb, snapping a pic, recording a vid, posting a sticker, or checking into a location to express what’s going on, and simply continue posting throughout the day! Your story finds meaning not just in empty virtual space, but through a powerful and positive community following, liking, and interacting with you.

Everybody has a story to tell; with DAYRE, everybody can tell their story, and have it heard.

And now, back to the office! We’re looking forward to seeing all your posts and hearing your recounts of the evening’s festivities – link us to your DAYRE posts in the comments and we’ll be sure to check them out.

Lots of love and best wishes for the holiday season,

NuffnangAU xxx

Ellie Nikakis
Nuffnang Community Team

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